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  1. Eggs with a runny yolk Lasagne and ravioli. Like swallowing phlegm
  2. Should’ve added Utd will wear plain white shorts and socks with that hideous shirt [emoji3061]
  3. Many players have put that as an answer to Shoot! and Match magazines
  4. Spotlight on the Troubles: A Secret History on iPlayer. A fantastic seven part series chronicling the Troubles from both sides of the divide.
  5. Quite a few newsreaders today have said “VD Day” before correcting themselves. Even our very own Sally McNair on the lunchtime news
  6. BBC iPlayer has all the episodes from Life On Mars and Ashes To Ashes. You’d be better off watching those as the UKTV Player episodes are cut to ****!
  7. And in an episode of Life On Mars
  8. It is coming back as they filmed the third series last summer. Ardal O’Hanlon’s rumoured to be a regular cast member this series as there’s been a few photos posted on Twitter of him and the cast filming together outdoors. I enjoyed him in that episode where Mary hexed is mother (allegedly!), but I’m not sure about him being a regular cast member (if true).
  9. Must be really damaging towards Barrymore as his lawyers released a statement this afternoon denying any wrong doing on his behalf.
  10. Can’t wait either. If only to stop my wife shouting at the telly whenever he’s on [emoji23][emoji23]
  11. According to the spoilers, it’s a stand alone episode set in Blackpool focusing on Rita.
  12. It definitely is. In fact, the whole of Galloway is awash with weird Galloway Irish hybrid accents. Never known an area of Scotland to have so different dialects. Same can be said for Dumfriesshire. The difference in accents between Dumfries, Annan and Gretna (25 miles) is unreal. It’s more like a distance of 250 miles.
  13. Down in these parts (Dumfriesshire), we were more aligned with Edinburgh when it came to fizzy drinks: any flavour was labelled “lemonade”. If you asked for ginger, you’d more than likely get ginger beer. Re: condiments: we were ‘Glasgow’ all the way.
  14. There used to be a wee factory in Eastriggs (near Annan for those who don’t know) that made lemonade called McMichaels. Probably the best ginger I’ve ever tasted (due to the high sugar content no doubt). It was taken over by Solripe in the early 80s who promptly closed the factory down. Solripe ‘Juice’ was never a patch on McMichaels.
  15. It: Chapter 2. (7/10) Slightly better than the first film (IMO), but Christ, that last 40-50 minutes dragged in. Bill Skarsgård and Bill Hader stole the show and Jessica Chastain is a massive wid.
  16. We’ve never been *that* fashionable, have we?
  17. I had both kits and the drill top. Doesn’t mean to say I *didn’t* look like a helmet [emoji23]
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    1. XL Cheese 2. Bobby’s BBQ Mix 3. Mackie’s Haggis & Cracked Black Pepper 4. Brannigan’s Beef & Mustard 5. Mackie’s Flame Grilled Aberdeen Angus
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