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  1. haha, I bet you wanted to stay in 'ra juniors' too
  2. Alienate fans??? Actually daftest thing I've heard on this form. You dont get how social media works, you should delete the internet too from all your devices you'd be better off!
  3. Kilwinning Rangers vs Rossvale live on Twitch www.twitch.tv/kilwinningrangerstv - Pre-Match Show from 1.15PM KO 1.45PM
  4. to keep fan connected to the club. Some are live streaming the game too so fans can still watch it. The view that because fans aren't allowed clubs shouldn't advertise games is possibly is a ridiculous view to have. It's like saying if a fan doesn't go to the game in normal times because they have something else to do they shouldn't be kept up to date with the game!
  5. Yes, kelty got shafted and have money but didn’t see to work, hearts have money still got relegated. I’m just not sure what’s different about Darvel that they’ll have some sort of special money to affect change?
  6. the clubs vote on what rules are in place, not much money can do to fight the establishment. Kelty have plenty £££ and haven't managed to change anything, it will take years before to get teams through the promotion process before there can be any impact on the rules
  7. I’m sure they’ll be a statement soon saying they have withdrawn on player safety grounds
  8. like this forum, better for everyone else
  9. Maybe they wanted gate money last year and with no fans it doesn’t really matter where games are played
  10. As the league got classed as Professional a few weeks back, this is taken fron SFA guidance on Return to Play for professional football. teams are well with in their rights to live stream games. Not sure why Largs are saying no because of the guidance. Something was mentioned about the distance of travel now that should be up to clydebank and their media team to decide not Largs! All coverage can be done quite easily socially distanced too
  11. Most of Pollok's players are on two year deals and I'd imagine they prepared these contracts with this eventuality in mind. I'd expect to see a fair few season long loan deals but it will be interesting to see how it all pans out. Loan deals seem silly if player safety and welfare is so important to the clubs, what are for example Rossvale doing differently that Pollok aren’t when it comes to player safety and welfare? Surely if you are so concerned for your players safety you wouldn’t be loaning them to another club in the same league with the same conditions as you would had you played
  12. its not knowledge, its just a personal hope. But yeah its all about fans getting back in. Nothing about the badge on the jersey or the players wearing it or being a part of something!
  13. its not just about fans not getting into games by the way. Some fans enjoy following their team even if they cant get into the ground. Some clubs will provide live stream coverage and they'll still be able to follow their team whether thats online or in the local newspaper. Fans will get back in eventually maybe not in 2020 but you would hope that by 2021 we'll be able to have some back in.
  14. Darren Christie signs on loan for BSC from Pollok.
  15. For a player to stay under contract at a club I would presume clubs would have to continue paying the player. Clubs shouldn’t be entertaining loan deals, that only helps the team sitting out. There’s probably guys who are sitting out who will still play for free at another club I would reckon
  16. Shankland has been pretty vocal over the last week!
  17. Ah but player safety, aslong you aren’t in the first team you’re good to play. will be embarrassing when the players who have been running their mouth on social messi end playing elsewhere this season
  18. If it’s all about player welfare can’t see how playing friendlies would be the right thing to do 🤷🏻‍♂️
  19. There’s nothing to say Talbot would definitely get to play in the Scottish this year anyway. The SFA were talking only letting an handful of lowland league teams play and give the rest of the lowland teams some sort of compensation equivalent to playing the first round
  20. got to love all these experts virologists commentating on a lower league football forum!
  21. It’s not about what’s legal. it’s what’s right to do by football. I don’t think you are getting that. Whether someone is legally allowed to stand about watching a game is neither here nor there. Folk coming down to watch a game when they’ve specifically told not is just more evidence football fans can’t do what they are told. Anyway, you’re probably an anti-masker and think 5g caused all this.
  22. Only because he’s on the forum talking his own actions, I’ve said publicly it’s not acceptable too. There will be others who will try and chance their luck and see a game no doubt about that. I just can’t understand why folk even if it is their legal right to do what they are doing think It’s ok to go against everything they are being asked to do? if clubs aren’t following protocols by having fans watch games from the other side of a wall or a car park and then football gets stopped because there’s an outbreak after 20 lads turned up and stood together watching Benburb from a grassy banking outside the ground. Who’s fault will it be? I don’t understand why folk think it’s ok because they have a legal right to stand in a certain area that it’s then ok to gather and watch a match? Surely we all want what’s best for our grade of football and if that means we don’t go and sneak a watch at our local game we don’t do that!
  23. Aye no doubt, will be class when they all turn up and get football stopped! Then everyone will blame the government
  24. No spectators at games, anyone trying to watch it whether they paid in or watched from a car park is attempting to be a spectator. we all want football back with fans for the reasons many have already stated and if you get people constantly trying to watch games from a vantage point outside the ground it’s only going to risk getting things back to normal. What if 40 other folk had a similar view and all turned up to the same game and the team had a gathering of fans trying to watch the game. Not going to help, the whole mentality of thinking it’s ok to go and try and sneak a watch when everyone else is doing their bit and staying at home is the one that will spoil it for everyone. But I guess that’s what society is like in all walks of life and people are just out for themselves
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