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  1. this thread is a car crash for a Saturday night!
  2. I think this is rife throughout the West Region. Heard some shockers at Troon last week. This thread has its good points but it’s also full of the misconceptions that grow arms and legs and end up in the terraces. I’m sure in the next few weeks clubs will start to feed our information to fans when they get it from the new league setup
  3. Probably knows the WRJFA is a sinking ship. If he jumps now he might just be able to get a seat at the captains table of the good ship WoSL. That’s what I’d of done in his shoes!
  4. Club must have wanted it, they wouldn’t have asked for it be postponed otherwise and would have just got on with it.
  5. Easy as that apparently. A few sicklines and the game will be off!
  6. absolutely farce if a sick line can for a sickness bug can get a game called off. Fixture pile up is bad enough never mind throwing this into the mix. Nothing stopping a team bunging a doctor to write sicklines if they didn't fancy a game due to a few injuries!
  7. that's surely not a thing, sick lines can get a game called off? surely you have to use your squad like everyone else
  8. Maybe we should set up the Tier 6 Champions League!
  9. both still on the fence I think!
  10. heard he has superman costume on shouting Juniors for Justice
  11. it's all hypothetical as only a few people have any clue what's going on and who's actually interested!
  12. last I checked this was at page 1102 4 pages of folk being hypothetical about dividing lines which they'll have no say. Just because the boundary was at x in the juniors the boundary could be anywhere it doesn't have to be like the old ways!
  13. Happy Friday, what announcements do we think we will get today?
  14. Nearly 1000 pages. Anyone to summarise for new readers?
  15. Not overly impressed. Yawn. Medda fans and committee were saying the same when we won at Medda Park. Rome wasn’t built in a day.
  16. died a death, last post was December 24th 2019. not a sniff about this.
  17. That's just myself as a supporter retweeting big news from a rival team. It is not the feelings of the Meadow committee. I don't know their stance to be honest at the moment. Does say official twitter account though 🙈
  18. It’s a two way thing surely, it helps the the first team being able to have players to call upon and also allows fringe players to get playing time or those coming back from injury. surely it’s also an option to get your social club open on a Friday night, you might get 15-20 parents buying a few beers maybe they’ll sit on for a few hours after the game, maybe a couple of pies etc if you open a food outlet. Currently in England they are playing an u23s ‘professional development’ league. Some players could still develop to become junior players. Also stops teams having to Chuck in 17/18 year olds when injuries inevitably kick in Youth football stopping at 21 is something I presume predates my 30 year life time. Times have changed don’t see why we can’t be progressive and make things different how it used to be
  19. Bit of an overreaction for going out the cup
  20. It’s at that stage already imho, the lack of condemnation is inexcusable. Should have been done immediately or at worst the morning after.
  21. I’m sorry that’s guff, all the match updates, post match interviews, recently added highlights are for the fans so to say there’s no desire to help out fans is simply not true Indeed it is, so you’ll know that I know when the posts go out. Not long after the guys who organise the bus get in touch! I can’t help it if there’s a lack of appetite for bus travel to away games!
  22. Personally it’s beyond that now. Any sacking should have taken place 9am this morning.
  23. Should have resigned already. SJFA after investigation have to get rid. Cant be handing out Show Racism The Red Card leaflets then have one of the main people of the West Region Committee use a racist term like that.
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