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  1. Evolution and the SJFA aren’t exactly something you’d put together Ideally a national cup at tier 5 and below is the way forward however the highland league teams don’t appear to be interested. If a third party not attached to the juniors or the current organisations in the pyramid were to come up with something, that was funded with decent prize money and sponsorship then it might take off but sadly can’t see anything but the the status quo
  2. The pointless stuff that know cares about anymore thread is probably another good fit
  3. Don’t know the exacts but certainly over 100
  4. The game will be streamed via pay-per-view most likely.
  5. He made it up, Buffs have no intention of rejoining the Juniors. There was a reason they were the first club that decided to breakaway from the SJFA
  6. I thought you wouldn’t trust the Catch Up as far you could throw them
  7. Next round isn’t until the 1st of April, no need to rush into a decision.
  8. Assume they are waiting to see who’s involved in the semi final and final of the West.
  9. I think all west prem teams have to be licensed within 5 years possibly? We’re probably about half way there just now and not sure who’s applying this year too
  10. 4 players out of the entire squad on less than players at other teams? Doesn’t really help the argument though does it. 3 of which are early signings in the project lifecycle. Don’t disagree about the 800-1k numbers that’s never happening but the pay across the board is much higher. The Darvel bench often will be higher than some teams full budget.
  11. No chance they let him leave on a free, transfer fee might be a bit prohibitive I’d have thought.
  12. Yeah I'd assume so, but the line of "mark of respect" would seem to go against that if having games 2 days before the funeral. It's possible the SFA decide to sit it out as a mark of respect however the Tier 6 and below leagues will return
  13. Football at SPFL level takes up a lot of police resource at the weekend so the SFA probably took that into consideration with the authorities given the police presence in Edinburgh today for the arrival of the queen's body it wouldn't surprise me if this was a massive factor. The WoSFL and South Challenge Cup Committee took the lead from the SFA on the decision and probably didn't have much of a discussion about it and always planned to take the lead from SFA. Whether we agree about it, it's all about being seen to do the right thing, so the lower leagues wouldn't want to be seen to do the "wrong thing" The big question will be, will next weekends games go ahead? Country is a "National State of Mourning" and will be next weekend too, so would be odd to decide this weekend isn't ok but next week is
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