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  1. Why is his Da posting on Pie and Bovril looking for a team? Surely he knows his way about the internet and social media to make the relevant enquiries?
  2. The media tower currently has no floor or safe access, hence we’re using the stand.
  3. getting paid, you know how committees work right?
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDLwH45uuXQ Kilwinning 4-1 Beith
  5. Specific request from the Darvel committee, can only presume they had concerns after the handbags at Glenafton
  6. After the Darvel fans were ripped off by having to pay a booking fee.. Darvel requested segregation and at the time we didn’t have enough volunteers to be able to operate 2 cash gates and keep everything segregated. We have since hired security guards to manage the segregation freeing up 2 volunteers who can then run a cash gate at the away end. It’s only been sorted in the last day hence why the ask was for fans to buy online tickets in advance. We don’t have segregation at any of our other games so not sure why it’s necessary here. If you’ve an issue with the booking fee maybe your chairman can cover the £1.21 expense!
  7. Should be. More details on social media on Wednesday
  8. The reason for the online tickets for away fans is because Darvel asked for a segregated section for away fans and Kilwinning only have 1 main gate. If there hadn’t been a specific request then away fans would be able to use the cash gate and stand anywhere they want. The booking fee is just an unfortunate extra that comes with having online tickets.
  9. Where is the SFA rule on this? Haven’t seen anything that suggests this, infact the opposite
  10. No programme at kilwinning Rangers. Was loss making, and left with loads of left overs each match! Most content is available on YouTube or club website at this point!
  11. teams with large season ticket holder/member bases will probably be unlikely have away fans. Teams with smaller home fans should be able to have it. However if a team is selling advanced paper tickets on limited days at their ground may make this difficult for away fans to get to. Hopefully clubs take the common sense approach and have tickets available online or reserved via email to be paid at the gate.
  12. Kilwinning Rangers movement IN Ross Smith - BSC, Kieran Wood - St Rochs, Gavin Millar - Blantyre, Thomas Collins - East Fife OUT Sam McCloskey and Tommy Maitland to Troon, Jamie Whyte to Irvine Meadow
  13. 100% think a match day announcer adds to the experience!
  14. haha, I bet you wanted to stay in 'ra juniors' too
  15. Alienate fans??? Actually daftest thing I've heard on this form. You dont get how social media works, you should delete the internet too from all your devices you'd be better off!
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