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  1. we at buffs have distributed season tickets to all kids in our local primary. We also let any kids of primary school in for free. The free season ticket however appears to be working well as it's more of an invitation to the kids to come to our games rather just an open access for any kid. They feel as if they are a part of something by giving them them the season tickets. People also explicitly love being given free stuff and will be more inclined to come along to make use of their free thin
  2. I checked the Nugent4Nil on Pulse but it seemed last weeks show was just music playback
  3. Trying to hunt down a recent squad list for Dundee Violet for The Buffs programme on Saturday. Any tips have reached out to their email contacts on the SJFA directory!
  4. @PC39MSO is your man. Would love to see this friendly getting arranged purely to stick twos up at the person who moaned about PC asking for friendly opposition
  5. Is there any podcasts or radio shows focusing on Junior football in particular the West Region. I'm aware of Just the Juniors on Rocksport but wondered if there was anything else worth listening to?
  6. I haven't started videoing The Buffs games but have been doing post match stuff on a DSLR Canon 7D. Just purchased a Sony AX33 for highlights which i picked up on ebay for around £300 when it should have been around £550. Think you need something with 4K minimum from what i've read. I'd of liked something a bit more expensive that has a bit more of a zoom and possibly even a lens. Whats your budget and whats your vantage point for recording the games like?
  7. We at Kilwinning Rangers run an official supporters bus with a bout 40-50 on it most away games.
  8. This one for George Grierson? Saw he was looking to get back into the game
  9. missed my first game last night looking forward to the highlights!
  10. Fairly new to the junior football community/scene/establishment/organisation can some one give us a summary of the 842 pages and what the pyramid is all about?
  11. a couple of our midfielders are youth players who are in around our squad, a few midfielders have also been re-purposed into different positions at points in the season too.
  12. bump, thanks all for the contributions so far. Hopefully see more from teams around the league
  13. Kilwinning Rangers Player Position David Markey Goalkeeper Adam Strain Goalkeeper Chris Taylor Goalkeeper Chris McGowan Defender David Syme Defender Michael Hewitt Defender Jamie Whyte Defender Tommy Maitland Defender Sam McCloskey Defender Dean Agnew Midfielder Ricky Hanvey Midfielder Steven Tan Midfielder Carlo Monti Midfielder Gary Fleming Midfielder Robbie Lynch Midfielder TJ Johnston Midfielder Alex McWaters Midfielder Kieran Mclaughin Midfielder Darren Frye Midfielder Ally Mccolm Forward Ryan Wilson Forward Ben Lewis Forward Mark Curragh Forward
  14. Looking to gather all squad lists for all premiership teams to be able to include in our(buffs) match programme. Specifically looking for Benburb and Hurlford but might be a good place to post all your teams squads . I will provide one for Kilwinning Rangers below.
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