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  1. Quite possibly the three or four that haven't already binned you. Go back through the thread and count all the complaints about people retweeting you. Far more people think you're a tedious scrote than think you're a borderline human being. And you're no friend of mine. Speaking of binning.
  2. Lots of Falkirk fans think you're a deranged trainspotter. Even more have blocked you. Your point really doesn't hold up.
  3. No need hel find it now during his daily googling. Got to admit, i've not been keeping up on the MC chat. Is he a rapey beast now or something?
  4. Operations Match Safety Officer=Hi Vis w**k.
  5. Nothing to do with football, you see, you're always here. Hence the statement. Do try harder.
  6. Tidser would be better a bit further forward, playing balls through. Agreed about Gomis being a better for the position that Tidser is playing.
  7. Got to be at least 4 or 5 minutes so far. Fucking small time pish.
  8. None of your own fans talk to you, do they? So needy. Good pass and I really think i love the big man.
  9. Any predictions for todays score? Hoping for at least 2-1.
  10. I know it's a travesty of a competition, but f**k losing to a kids team.
  11. Did I just hear the words "Ross McLean at right back?" The more things change,
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