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  1. I'd prefer another 2, to be honest. We could still shit the bed at 2-0.
  2. It's actually quite easy to ignore the shite years. But of course, Morton fans already know how to ignore shite decades years.
  3. Anyone have any idea whats going on these days?
  4. I'm away for a piss, hopefully someone scores while I'm away.
  5. You're looking for logic? He's thrown on the first two players to get warmed up.
  6. Tidser has been bad, only saved by McShane being worse. Nowhere to hide now.
  7. Durnan is giving me the major fucking fear everytime the ball is near him.
  8. Some feet on big Sammon though.. Wee joke about burnt out cars from the commentators!
  9. Aye, the commentary is still w**k. That and the focus keeps going. Bit like our defence. Tidser is a fucking lightweight.
  10. Well, we're still making everything look hard, I see. Both on and off the park.
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