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  1. Reckon that will be broken when Kelty play Bonnyrigg.
  2. Be surprised if this game and many others will survive the weather as tomorrow is suppose to be bad and with the forecast that it is raining all day today, well its in the lap of the gods as they say.
  3. The Whitehill v Penicuik game was off so probably just came along to the Bonnyrigg game instead.
  4. Certainly will be harder games to come but a great start to their Lowland League campaign today scoring six goals.
  5. Would not have thought so. We got rid of the great media team that we had so surely if there was scope for having a media team again we would just give them a call. But who knows!!!
  6. Yep, presumably the club were just waiting on his contract expiring and getting him registered before making any announcement. Was signed on a pre-contract was he not?
  7. Signing news!!!!! Think this was common knowledge months ago.
  8. First competitive fixture for the 2019/20 season will take place a month from now and you guys only 8 players signed............wtf!!!!! 1 x Keeper 2 x Defenders 2 x Midfielders 3 x Forwards Must be a concern?
  9. I would have thought that the Full priced season ticket would have also included access to all the U20s home games.
  10. Beat 2nd placed and 6th placed teams though in the LL league and only lost 2-1 to the LL league winners. Not too bad eh?
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