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  1. Well, Eilidh Barbour looked great!
  2. The The: Uncertain Smile The Ramones: Bonzo Goes to Bitzburg/ Dangers of Love (A Daytime Dilemma)
  3. Hoy might have done it as well but I remember Kenny being interviewed afterwards and saying he would have loved the 3rd leg to go ahead as Borge was blowing out of his arse after that 2nd run.
  4. I liked hearing Chris Boardman chortling away in the background of the commentary as Kenny was heading for the line. I do remember him doing something similar in an individual sprint final (Worlds or Europeans) against Gregory Borge, just buggered off into the distance right from the gun and left the big French guy in the dust. Unfortunately he got a dq for coming out over the black line in the final 200m even though his opponent wasn't in sight.
  5. Correct. The sfa chose to f**k this. Their inaction (over many months) in genuinely seeking an alternate venue and engaging with the relevant government groups/committees, regarding fan attendance at the final, has been a joke. Daryl Broadfoot (part of the JRG and general sfa mouthpiece) claimed it was pointless even picking up the phone to have the conversation. Their contempt for supporters in general is writ large. They don't give a f**k. They are quite happy having the final of their competition at their ground and f**k a'body else.
  6. Aye, it would be great if that happened. It would also need the sfa to have bothered their collective arse and come up with a plan that would have allowed supporters to attend the game in whichever stadium that they chose. The sfa chose to play the final at Hampden. They never even thought about holding it at any other ground, that's even after getting the t&cs from UEFA for hosting the euro games. The question you've got to ask is, when did the sfa know about the UEFA restrictions for the euro games at Hampden and why they chose to do f**k all about alternative arrangements for the final?
  7. No, it will change to having to win in front of a hostile crowd.
  8. Oh f**k, it was on Grumpian of course. Apologies for maligning any half wit any Irish summarises or pundits.
  9. Jamie Heaslip taking issue with Lawrence Dellaligo about a Ferrell roll after an attempted tackle and saying that the rules are there for a reason!! Jamie fucking Heaslip who spent his whole career belly flopping on to and sealing off rucks and generally cheating like a fucker.
  10. I'm sure it was Fat Sally, Gorman and Billy fucking Dodds. Not only did they refuse to play at the original ko time, they then refused the re-arranged ko as it 'clashed' with her being interred (this part was private and not even on the telly)! All three of them should have, quite simply told, to GTF. The mass hysteria of the time was really something to behold.
  11. Was Joubert the ref at Murrayfield in the 6 nations when Wales refused to take the hit at the scrum and Scotland were continuately penalised for pushing early? It was an absolute joke, everyone, apart from Joubert, could see what the f**k was going on. I honestly thought he might have been Irish.
  12. Is it just my imagination or is Daryl Broadfoot (along with Ian Maxwell) one of the most slopely shouldered arseholes in Scottish football? Something, something............. Difference between UEFA and Scottish Government protocols. Referee and assistants abroad f**k all to do with us.
  13. Even after all these years it's still great to hear Jock Broon sounding sick as f**k after the Hewitt winner.
  14. It was exactly the same in the first bulletin at 0630 as well and there was no mention of the Betfred results either. Even a run through of the tie winners wouldn't be too difficult. And what is it about Scotland that (according to the BBC Scotland telly news) there are never, ever any travel issues (road, rail, air or sea) before 0700?
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