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  1. Isner more than played to his strengths today and Andy Murray of a few years ago wouldn't have given half of the chances he took. A deserved winner by playing the Andy of today. His on court post match was understated with a wee bit of class. Angelique Kerber is in the next round so swings and all that.....
  2. I'm surprised he managed to take time away from blagging a freebie to Seville to bother with the election results.
  3. Is that the thing that got Tasha Yar in The Next Generation?
  4. Aye, now I've been outed as a bit of a stalker ehhh..... lurker I might start posting the scores. but only the good eens though. I'll have a think about the league.
  5. WTF was that from Gordon? Is he still on a wage from these hooped shitebags?
  6. Bloody Hell mate, you're doing nothing to dispel the myth that Killie fans are just **** without the bus fare.
  7. The thug that put John McMaster out for a year. Oh aye, thoughts and all that.....
  8. I think it was the goalie, Roy Beans, that said he was glad to hear the final whistle as he thought Lynch was looking for his hat-trick.
  9. Bob bloody Valentine! Still remember him refusing to award The Dons a stone-waller at Tannadice (Cup replay I think) after a blatant Narey handball in the box. He then spent about 5 mins mopping Gough's brow after he went down 'injured'. The fact he was from Dundee and did his fitness training with United didn't seem to worry anyone at the ths sfa or league. Oh aye, and don't get me started on thon c***t George Smith (Edinburgh)!
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