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  1. League title has to be earned, by completing all games or until it's mathematically impossible for nearest challenger to catch them
  2. Cambuslang players were kidding on to be unwell because it was old firm day lol
  3. Gave meadow a wee 2 goal start as a welcome present for the new gaffers .. Still managed the win 😂😂😂😎😎💃💃💃❤️⚽❤️
  4. Ahhhhh never knew that. 1951 is before my time lol
  5. Typo cos I'm playing GTA whilst typing lol meant kello obviously. Penalty box was crowded so difficult to see but the ref must have seen something
  6. Majority of posts from Glens fans include congratulating meadow. Your thoughts on your disallowed goal at the end?
  7. Don't think there is any other team from d and G to compete in the junior cup? Most others are south of Scotland league I think
  8. Say that without crying 😂😂😂😂😂 all Glens fans are doing is congratulating a local team who just made the last 8 of the scottish by beating a team two leagues above them 👍
  9. Again with the one season wonder pish, horrible patter. Getting to the last 8 of the scottish cup is bigger than round 3 of the west, and Largs best a team from the same league, kello beat a team from two leagues above them, not even open to debate which is the better result 👍
  10. Well done kello, cracking result for them 👍
  11. Barca and real are always the two teams there or there about for the honours in Spain, hence why it's a derby
  12. Was saying to a bankie a was talking to first half, am sure celtic only signed bolingoli after the I wanna be edouard song came about, just so it could be what's the story bolingoli lol
  13. Opportunities to play in senior Scottish, something which they were a million miles away from getting at your tinpot club 👍
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