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  1. No, you're not being stupid. It's the biggest bug we have left to fix. It will be fixed for Game Week 2 when an update will be provided. Until then we ask that you transfer in and out players to sub them. You have unlimited transfers before Game Week 1 (restricted to one free transfer per week after that) so until the update is ready that's how to do it. As you say, a few teething problems but we are working on them immediately.
  2. Hi everyone! Fantasy Football Scotland is now available to download in App Store and Google Play! For iPhone, click HERE. And for Android, click HERE! We're excited to see you all pick your teams and create your leagues. You may notice a few small (mainly aesthetic) bugs, but we will be working hard to correct them over the coming days and weeks. Any issues drop us a Tweet or a DM: twitter.com/fantasyscotland We've had such great interest in this and we're excited to finally get started. Thanks!
  3. Just want to say thanks to everyone who has signed up for Fantasy Football Scotland so far. We have had over 1,000 people register interest which is fantastic. A reminder that you can still sign up by clicking HERE!
  4. Thanks! Yeah, it's nuts that there hasn't been a Scottish fantasy football app until now. A massive gap that we hope to fill.
  5. Hi everyone! We're launching Scotland's first fantasy football app this summer - Fantasy Football Scotland. There are over a quarter of a million active fantasy football users in Scotland, however most play an English version. A Scottish version of the game has not been available, until now. Fans will be able to build their squad of 15 players, make transfers, pick captains and vice captains, make substitutions, create their own custom leagues and invite their friends. The app will be available on the App Store and Google Play this summer. If you enter your email address (takes about 10 secs) in the link below we'll 1) email you when the app is available to download and 2) enter you in a draw to win a Google Pixel 3a. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP! Thanks! We're excited to get started.
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