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  1. Hi guys. We understand what you're saying RE the Shaughnessy clean sheet points. There are a number of scoring quirks that we had to make a decision on and this was one of them. Some users like it, some don't - we have had feedback both ways. We are always evaluating rules and while we can't change rules mid-season, we will assess everything as we continue to develop the game.
  2. Hi! Could you private message us any issues you're having? We're not aware of any irregularities. Is it possible leagues were in process of updating? That can appear like different scoring in different leagues, but it's just the system pushing through 40k accounts.
  3. Hi! Sent you a private message earlier. It's an issue with a very specific iOS version. Your team is locked in and receiving points, just that you cannot view them live right now. New update in next couple days will sort, or you can update your iOS. Sorry.
  4. Hi guys. This was an issue that affected a small amount of users. It should be sorted now. To do with timings (a trigger was set incorrectly) rather than anything to do with the actual game. Thanks.
  5. Hi! We have live scoring as part of our new partnership with Opta. It will be similar to the way FPL works in the way you can track your scores.
  6. Just two weeks left until the start of the season. Thanks to everyone who has signed up so far!
  7. We tested this app vigorously in one form or another since November. Hundreds of testers used as well. We believe this is solid. Please take a look and try it out. We've put everything we've got into this.
  8. Hi everyone! We have relaunched the Fantasy Football Scotland app. A lot of effort has gone into this. Nearly a full year has been spent building this from scratch again, testing it and all the rest. We really believe this is the fantasy game Scottish football fans have deserved for a long time. Download below... Android: https://bit.ly/2YwEWXp iPhone: https://apple.co/3dwXkUg Thanks!
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