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  1. Shows what I know - while it was an absolute well-trodden midden for 20 minutes after Killie's opener, McKay took his first goal well and the quickfire double was a massive response. Very disappointing to be giving away yet another penalty, those shree points are going to be absolutely vital.
  2. Massive six-pointer today and need to hope that Aberdeen finally manage to score some goals as well. Not sure about the 5-3-2 considering Naismith hasn't managed to do too much offensively but Tremarco was surprisingly good on the wing last week.
  3. Unless we can really cut out these individual errors, I still think we're a cert for going down. We completely blew the Dundee Utd game, thought we were the better side for much of the game. While we did get lucky with both of Shankland's one on ones, defensively we were pretty good. Again though, set pieces just not good enough and not much threat up front. With Hamilton outplaying Rangers and taking the point, I am really worried that we'll be straight down. Tommy Wright going to Kilmarnock isn't going to help us either.
  4. Handful of Flumps and a pound mix more like. Have Roy/Stevie figured out you can ask for a sell-on fee yet? Wish him all the best if he goes, would like to see him stay though, especially if we're in the Championship next season and he can get a chance to properly develop. Glad I turned off the Rangers game at half time, though it sounds like I missed out best spell at the start of the second half.
  5. I might need to go back and watch old Jackson Irvine and Liam Boyce highlights on Youtube to cheer myself up before we get battered off of Aberdeen.
  6. At least one's an attacking central midfielder and one's a defensive central midfielder. Dearie me. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/sam-stanton/profil/spieler/192505 https://www.transfermarkt.com/david-cancola/profil/spieler/228879
  7. Laidlaw - punt Randall - punt Tremarco - keep, give a coaching role Morris - keep Draper - punt Gardyne - keep Shaw - keep McKay - not sure Vigurs - punt Grivosti - keep Hylton - not sure Watson - punt Iacovitti - keep Charles-Cook - not sure Kelly - punt Lakin - not sure Doohan - punt Tillson - punt Paton - keep Donaldson - punt Stewart - punt, assuming Yogi can't get him scoring Munro - keep Reid - keep Wright, Williamson, Ross, Mackinnon - keep
  8. Maybe, never been to Raith so that'll at least be another ground to tick off.
  9. Get that well and truly in the bin. Fair play to McIntyre for winning the cup, but he did f**k all in the league.
  10. Very tempted to switch to the second half of the Brora vs. Fort game instead.
  11. This is honestly one of the worst County performances I've seen (again). It looks like we're a man down, and another hamstring/thigh injury within the first 20 minutes. Aye, the cup is not the priority but we are absolutely honking.
  12. Hmm. Zero details and whiffs a bit. All they needed to have said was "we've reviewed the footage and audio, and we've confirmed that Midge didn't say what at least four Rangers players/staff said he did".
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