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  1. Bracing for a pumping, but would be delighted for a score draw with some good spells.
  2. Went to buy my season ticket at the weekend, that website is an absolute shit show. Had loads of issues getting to the point of entering card details, then it wouldn't accept any of the cards I tried. Looks like I'll be phoning the shop later, chances of getting the login details before tonight though I'd guess are slim to none.
  3. Best of luck to him, really nice guy. Didn't think he was good enough for us, especially as captain, so was a little surprised to see him move sideways to yous.
  4. Update from Kenny, answers a lot (if not all) of the outstanding questions. https://www.rosscountyfootballclub.co.uk/news/archive/club-news-slo-update/
  5. I'd like to see us 8th or 9th, then keep building for a crack at the top six in a couple of years. EDIT: Realistically though, likely 10th with another battle to avoid the playoffs.
  6. From the 25 minutes or so I saw before they cut the stream, looked not too bad. RCC fighting a lot for the ball.
  7. If all three teams are licensed and in the running for promotion, presumably they'd have everything in place to hold a midweek game?
  8. Apparently we've got a friendly away to Hibs on Sat.
  9. They're already on Donate A Ticket - https://donateaticket.com/donate/fort-william/
  10. I'd say Vigurs, but that'd mean he'll be in the side most weeks.
  11. Same. I don't know if there'll be a standard PPV price for away games, or whether home games can be PPV'd as well.
  12. It is a wee bit, but it's great for fixtures (especially friendlies, reserves, u20s) and sometimes seems to be more up to date than the SJFA website.
  13. I'd be alright with that, as long as we find a left winger that can track back so Midge can move inside.
  14. Both are pretty good, the collar on the home kit is a bit weird though. The video on Twitter is a belter - everyone looking like they've only just learned to walk and can't muster up the slightest bit of enthusiasm when delivering their lines. Is it just me or is only the youth kit up on the website so far?
  15. Sorry, aye, I'd somehow forgotten about Grivo who I rate quite highly. Know he's been struggling with injury this season but I'd want him to start alongside either Morris or Donaldson next season.
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