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  1. Best possible post-split fixtures I think, got a real chance of 4th here.
  2. Floodlight pylons are up at Pollok, midweek game scheduled home to Clydebank on the 20th April - have to assume that'll be the first floodlit game.
  3. Good point at Turriff last night, but it's far too little too late. Banks will easily win the play-off.
  4. You're obviously at it. You brought up Malky's texts in an unrelated discussion about Midge (as usual) being a w****r, bottled it when you were called out on it, then doubled down.
  5. Quick enough to bring it up to try and score points though, aren't you. Aside from his post-match comments after the incident with Jeandro Fuchs/Tam Courts, he's said and done all the right things recently. I was VOCALLY against his hiring, cancelled my Staggies Army membership, didn't renew my season ticket and haven't been back to Victoria Park, but I'm cautiously optimistic that he's turned a corner. He's gone out of his way to publicly support Rainbow Laces, stood up for RCC in the press after the abuse he got after the Rangers game and backed the campaign from the Staggies View boys for a minute's applause tonight. Still a long way to go for me, but definitely moving in the right direction.
  6. Planning permission for the Pollok floodlights granted on Friday. Can't be used after 10pm and did see this in the notice which I found interesting.
  7. Shame that Grivo's gone, was a big fan of his when we had our Championship excursion. I was hoping he'd challenge for a CB spot on his loan finishing. Hope he manages to get games in Ireland and finally progresses after being out with injuries for so long. Statement from the club about the pitch invasions, hard to disagree with any of it. I don't really see the fascination with bombing onto the pitch myself. Always going to be a fine line with the young team as well, you want to encourage them to come along to games and show support, but not to get carried away and get themselves and the club in bother.
  8. You can tell he's a headbanger by the fact he's retweeted Matt Le Tissier.
  9. They can prise my right to get rained on while taking a pish from my cold dead hands.
  10. Space has been cleared at Pollok for the toilet portakabins, noticed that on Saturday. Can't be far away from starting the plumbing work.
  11. He's some player. Consistently skinning defenders, only the one poor performance against Meadow back in the autumn that stands out.
  12. What's the Midge situation? Has he been playing with his plonker in the changing room again?
  13. I think it's just a QR code via email, but I haven't been to a home game this season. Was at the St Mirren game and a mixture of pleasantly surprised and quite disappointed. Cancola and Callachan were totally anonymous and we really struggled in central midfield (as did St Mirren), Baldwin looks to have regained some confidence and played pretty well. Bit annoyed with how easily Dominic Samuel was going down under pressure, but there were definitely also fouls against him that should have been given. Best chances were from set pieces, but neither Spittal or Hungbo was able to put in a good delivery consistently.
  14. Planning application for the Pollok floodlights has been received by GCC - 21/03449/FUL.
  15. Some CV he's got, is he the man to improve the Fort's fortunes? Hopefully his experience as a scout will help him find a gem.
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