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  1. Quality wise, or venue wise?
  2. Could do with a backup for Midge, and if Mullin is away then we need someone on the right as well.
  3. Swapsies - Jack Brown back to Caley and Lewis Hyde to the Fort on loan until the end of the season.
  4. If Grivosti is fit, I'd have him at centre back over any of our current players.
  5. Not officially confirmed yet, but strong rumours coming out of the club.
  6. Friday's game away to Clach has been moved to the Highland Rugby Club (by Whin Park) due to the fire at Grant Street Park over Christmas.
  7. Yep, even after rotating the pitch. They really need an astro pitch or an incredible drainage system, but that's not likely to happen any time soon.
  8. Saturday's game against Formartine has been switched to Pitmedden - Claggan Park is expected to be a mess with the rain.
  9. Future Staggie Coll Donaldson set to become Current Staggie Coll Donaldson according to the Daily Record.
  10. Neilston 2-3 Petershill FT Good comeback from Neilston but damage was done in the first half.
  11. Stewart out six weeks with hamstring. Not what we need right now.
  12. Neilston 0-2 Petershill HT
  13. Manager Russell McMorran will leave the Fort after new year.
  14. Not sure - I wasn't there so have only seen the fallout on Twitter.
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