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  1. Thanks for pointing that out and excuse my ignorance.
  2. Scottish football needs revamped. The Highland / Lowland leagues should be reorganised into more leagues, with Junior football integrated into these leagues. The play off system has been good and allowed clubs like Cove in. It is sad to see old clubs like East Stirlingshire, Brechin and Berwick going down. But if there is no relegation in professional football, it lowers the level of competition. League two is not a comfortable league to be in, with the trap door at the bottom, but there shouldn’t be snobbery or stigma attached to going into the Lowland / Highland leagues.
  3. Scottish soccer 🤣🤣 Try saying Scottish fitba in an American accent? Seriously, the auld firm are a pair of [email protected] and the domination of Scottish football will get worse. The bigotry and hate has done enough damage and they couldn’t give a monkeys about Scottish fitba
  4. I saw the goal against Raith, what a belter, defied the laws of physics. Rusty turned into an excellent signing
  5. Just as mentioned, when Rusty arrived at the Mo, he seemed a bit useless, he’s come a long way since and has slotted some brilliant goals, notably against Morton. Blair Lyons, what an addition that is, sadly just a loan. Totally agree about Martin Rennie, where’s his talent gone, half the time he’s looking fukked Cammy would be a great loss.
  6. Sorry to see Brechin go down 😥😥 Hopefully you have success in the HL.
  7. As a Mo fan, I’m hoping you stay up. Lot of our Brechin friends were at links Par in our darkest hour
  8. The fans survey for the past two years, I think, put the Mo fans as the happiest out of all 42 clubs. I blame the board for this, really, they are fine lads without the shit biggsie attitudes. Also the community trust has worked well for the club Also, we have a great atmosphere amongst the players and fans Also we have Hamish (Google fars Hamish) Also we have Stewart Petrie, the best Fifer ever to walk into Angus Also we had 22 years of being utter pish, and once there was a clear out and purge we reached utopia
  9. Mon the Fife. Sorry Clyde, nae offence, I’m a Dumbarton sympathiser
  10. Some result the day. Could be wrong, but this is the first time we beat Falkirk in two seasons. Cannae understand what’s happening with their club. Big ask for Partick to be shite next week, but anything is possible
  11. All is not lost, but heard Gary Holt on the radio, came across as “nothing to do with me”. Which is pish TBF
  12. Airdrie beat Falkirk, fairly possible. Mo beat Partick? Hope Partick are still celebrating and put out their juniors
  13. 4 weeks ago, I thought Falkirk were the only team eligible for promotion, now it’s Partick and Cove.
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