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  1. It’s a tough one for the Mo, but we won’t have the same pressure as Falkirk. They played a very entertaining game last week against Dumbarton, the 2-1 score didn’t portray the game, Dumbarton spent most of it fire fighting, while the Mo looked like they were out to enjoy it. I think Falkirk will win, but you never know and it should be a good game to watch
  2. You think its brillant ?? You are an absolute twat you think its brillant that the team you support is on the brink of going out of the spfl and possibly not survive. Do us all a favour and dont come back When the Mo was threatened with relegation, I saw a lot of Brechin lads in the Links Park, there to cheer us on. I’ll be at the Glebe supporting Brechin if you lads find yourselves in that unenviable position. Oh, and City diehard, we had fekkin eejjitts like that who looked really fekkin stupid when we we stayed up.
  3. I was surprised how lacking Dumbarton were. Peterhead were worse, but did seem to have more determination.
  4. Poor Brechin at the bottom! If they end up in the relegation play off, the Mo fans should head thru to support them! There was no shortage of the boys from the Glebe visiting Links Park, the day we were threatened with relegation.
  5. Will hopefully be plenty of the Mo also. My pal who I usually meet at the Mo has started going to the Glebe (both clubs been at home on the same day in recent months)
  6. Aye, I feel real sorry for Brechin, when the Mo was threatened with the drop thru the trap door, a lot of Brechin lads came thru to support us. Good to see Arbroath doing great, as much as them and the Mo cannae stand each other, myself and some fans I talk with are happy for them. Miss having them in the league, Forfar and Mo attendances have dropped, no Smokies.
  7. Jings! Ive nae idea, but it’s £15 to see the Mo, and with the quality of football I’m watching, I think that’s okay
  8. Dumbarton 2 - 1 Forfar East Fife 1 - 1 Stranraer Falkirk 0 - 1 Montrose Peterhead 1 - 1 Airdrie Raith 1 - 0 Clyde
  9. Stranraer could yet surprise us, they are not losing, but not yet winning, so they don’t look demoralised and defeated. I don’t think Dumbarton or Forfar will go down, but Clyde and Peterhead are strong contenders for the drop.
  10. Dumbarton were like Peterhead in the previous game, they had plenty fight but fumbled and the passing and discipline wasn’t the best. The Mo were entertaining in the first half. Mason or Webbie would have been my man of the match, Blair Lyons can’t get it every week. I don’t think Dumbarton will be in the relegation zone, the bottom 4 are not performing and can’t see them pulling off miracles
  11. I think Peterhead were nowhere near as good as the Mo in the first half. Peterhead looked shakey. Its after we got our fourth and they got their second that they dominated and while maybe not a better side they were more aggressive and hungry for goals. We got into a comfort zone and nearly blew it.
  12. Ffs, really, does it have to be spelled out, is sectarianism so normal that you don’t notice it? If your club can’t see it’s name being trashed by stupid wee c*nts affiliated with dubious groups then they have a problem, no? End of!
  13. Some of your club’s fans have an agenda which isn’t football orientated. Every team you come up against know you have a minority of fans that make the lot of you look like clowns and a fekkin joke. Airdrie needs to have a look at itself and try to figure out what’s gone wrong
  14. Well done the Dandies. The whole of Scotland was behind you (or any other team playing the Rangers)
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