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  1. I heard the rumour he had gone to the Smokies (after I heard the rumour he was back at the Mo). A lot of folk are talking about Arbroath, and their recent victories, so it looks positive for the Smokies in the championship and I hope they do well. There’s no way you will do a Brechin City. Arbroath are an impressive team and the recent wins will give them a boost in confidence.
  2. I head Chris is being taken out of retirement to play for Brechin
  3. I was real sorry to see Brechin go down, I have some good pals amongst the Brechin support and the derby games were long overdue, and good crack with the Brechin lads. I can’t understand how Brechin collapsed. Hope to see you back in league 1 next season
  4. Chris is a great player, great person, looks a bit uncoordinated but he’s going to be good for you, just like Montrose
  5. Thanks for that. Im real pleased Cammy is back. I can’t make it to Cove either, holiday getting in the way. McLean had a shite game last time we played Forfar, just wish he would be more aggressive.
  6. It worked out okay for Montrose, the Directors kept the heed and didn’t go out with their budget, we lost 2 of our best players, but they are back for next season. Brechin fekk ed it up big time. I like to see Peterhead get on okay, they were unlucky to go down. Theres not much difference between the top 4 of league 2 and the bottom half of league 1
  7. Aye, Cammy that played with Montrose (on loan from Dundee Utd) then went onto Dumbarton. That Cammy?
  8. I couldn’t make it to the Formartine friendly yesterday. So is Cammy Ballantine back with the Mo? Just hoping that’s the Cammy you are talking about above?
  9. Raith Falkirk Airdrie Forfar Montrose Dumbarton East Fife Peterhead Stranraer Clyde
  10. Good to see the Blue Toon rising again, am looking forward to seeing you at Montrose again. The fans were good crack, the football was entertaining.
  11. Hello, been hovering about reading the forum for a while and decided to take part. Im a Mo fan, Montrose FC, never miss a home game and went to all this seasons derby games at all the Angus grounds. Hoping to do more travelling next season, cheers Angus
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