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  1. That was quite an atmosphere. My son, who was 9 at the time decided to run on the pitch as the whistle went, so I was the second to run on, after him. We gave Marvin Andrews a high five 😁 Respect to our pals from Brechin that came through to support us.
  2. The board at the Mo took SP from being assistant manager at Broughty Juniors because they saw what they wanted, this was when we were rock bottom of league 2, at the trap door to the Highland league. The point here is it’s not just that we have a good manager, but we have a good board. There are clubs out there with good managers but poor directors and they are not doing so well. I know two of the directors, they started out with very little, but did well for themselves. One of them used to be my manager and you couldn’t meet a nicer more honest person. Even when people fekked up he always gave them a chance and he was greatly respected in his business. Montrose is probably the happiest club in the whole of Scottish football, because we are doing fine and not under any pressure to perform better or facing relegation. It’s sad to see the likes of Brechin, and it’s baffling what has gone wrong there.
  3. Wasn’t a good came to watch. The Mo showed some flair at certain parts of the game, but other parts were fairly abysmal. Sean Dillon, Graham Webster, Cammy F and Andrew Steeves played well. Wasn’t over impressed with Kerr Waddell or Harry Cochrane. Forfar have a good Goallie, MacCallum won’t have had an easy season, he saved the day for Forfar.
  4. You never know! i have the Mo down for a 2-0. There are some predictors on the p & b predicting a Forfar win. Mostly Falkirk fans trying to protect their rights to top of the league
  5. That’s a great write up and it sums up correctly I’m a great fan of Tam Cowan and Stuart Cosgrove who give more respect to lower tier teams. ‘Scottish media’, which is mysteriously run from far away by a few with a narrow agenda, concentrating on the Auld firm and what’s happening in the ‘Premier league’ ie the main league of England where all the £100s of billions is pumped into. That’s all pish, and I would rather watch the Mo v Forfar than Man U v Arse Nil. All the best to the Mo and Forfar fans for 2021
  6. Every league has 2 or 3 teams that cant accept they are playing in a league which is beneath where they think they should be. Its not always the managers to blame, the board / Chairmen can be the bigger issue. Falkirk are sitting top of a tough league and some are looking at a replacement? Ive always thought if SP was going to be poached it would be Dunfermline, who are doing okay just now and probably not looking? Montrose don’t have the same pressures as these teams, because we are playing where we should be, and that lack of expectation probably helps create a happier team spirit, with better football.
  7. Dumbarton 1-2 Airdrie Cove 1-2 Peterhead East Fife 0-1 Falkirk Montrose 2-0 Forfar Partick Thistle 2-1 Clyde
  8. I’m sure it will be Falkirk and Partick who go up. Cove have fallen on their erses. As a Mo fan, I would be happy if we’re in the top 4 at the end of the season. I wouldn’t want to see the Mo getting promoted, we’re not a big enough club. Thinking about Brechin, a club that punched above their weight for 20 years, now going through a nightmare.
  9. I see it at my work often enough, there are managers who are big shots and the sycophantic worms love them, and there are managers who are genuinely interested in their employees who then get a very motivated team. That’s not a slant to Duffy, because I don’t know him, but it is a nod to SP & the Mo directors. I’m lucky enough to work for a manager that asks about the wife and kids and how they are coping with the pandemic etc. I seen Cammy in a quiz that the Mo was presenting on their website for all the players during the first lockdown and he comes across as being a really fine person.
  10. You are right about Andrew Steeves. How did Cammy Ballantyne get on when he was at Dumbarton? I was pleased to see him back at the Mo. Im also happy to see Cammy F Ballantyne back with us.
  11. Clyde 1-2 Airdrie Dumbarton 1-2 Fifers Falkirk 2-1 Partick Thistle Forfar 1-1 Cove Peterhead 1-1 Mo 😆
  12. To be fair, I think SP tends to have a lot of loyalty to his club. He was at Dunfermline for most of his career. The Mo took him on at a time when we were rock bottom, and SP was an assistant manager at a junior football club. At the time I thought it was a bit of a wild card, but I know a couple of the Mo directors, and they are astute and shrewd enough to get him in as manager. SP, has always encouraged players to get on, and not held them back from transfers into bigger clubs. I think he’s charismatic and a great people person. I see in my work place that most people generally work better for managers who like people.
  13. Cove 3-2 Clyde East Fife 2-1 Forfar Falkirk 2-1 Airdrie Montrose 2-1 Dumbarton Partick 1-0 Peterhead
  14. Defence issues were glaringly obvious, but that loophole has been closed
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