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  1. PS, your red Saltires are stunning, but your union Jake’s, ..peh. Coming from the east, I never understood the Brit nationalism and sectarianism that a minority of your club has. But we are all different. Dont fekk it up against the Nuevo Riche!
  2. Agreed about most things,, but didnae kin Bridies went as far south as Dunfermline. Has Embra city got the support? Or are they another club with someone pumping in the cash for their own ego, without actually having the supporters?
  3. Nah, Forfar bridies are pish, they make them better in Montrose. Apologies, I don’t want to rub it in, I’m sorry to see the Sons going down. Hopefully you have the momentum to take yourselves back up.
  4. Congratulations Airdrie, you deserve it and I wish you all the best. If anyone should go up, it’s yourselves.
  5. No, I doubt it. SP and the board are a secure outfit. Dunfermline will be a huge demand, it could be a Falkirk predicament!?
  6. Congratulations to Airdrie, over the season you deserve this. Gutted the Mo threw it away in the second half, but TBF we are probably not ready for the championship yet. I’m still proud of the Mo’s performance this season, and todays result isn’t an issue for me, I’m sure most Mo fans will agree. Stewart Petrie has done a brilliant job, and so have the team, so we are very content and proud. Good luck against the Nuevo Riche
  7. I’m really sorry to hear Dumbarton are relegated. My heart goes out to the Sons. On a more selfish note, me and my pal were planning the ultimate train journey to the Rock, which to us from Montrose looks exotic! That journey would involve a two day trip to get to know the town and many drams. I hope you’re back in league 1 next season, so we can get our journey.
  8. Surprised this hasn’t been brought up on the P & B and feel it has to be because it’s hard seeing the innocent people, mostly women and children, being bombed and now (the latest tactic of (spit) Putin) starved to death I am starting to fear the worst for the Ukrainians. But the Russian military has shown it is much weaker than believed. Does the west need to find the guts to actively fight in Ukraine? Should the signal to Putin be clear, and any ally he has be isolated? My family are trying to take in a Ukrainian family, but it’s difficult because Boris and his BBC LabServativeDems dont give a monkeys for them.
  9. Are the other announcements the Blair and Webbie deals?
  10. Its a result for the Mo. Blair fits in with the team, and has been great for us, long may it continue
  11. This game is even more unpredictable than the rest of the highly unpredictable games in the league.
  12. The Fife have upped their game since he took over. The league, as regards recent results is far closer, only Cove and Airdire appear to be the winners, everyone else can be beaten, and even the # 1 & 2 spots are still getting draws The Fife have a better showing over the past 5 than the other teams in the bottom six. The relegation zone is becoming more interesting than the winning zone
  13. Cove Rangers 2-1 Clyde East Fife 1-1 Dumbarton Falkirk 0-1 Airdrieonians Peterhead 2-3 Montrose Queen's Park 1-1 Alloa Athletic
  14. Balmackewan for Tatties, and Charlton for the Berries It was grim We used to stick a tattie in a kit kat wrapper and stick it on the exhaust manifold of the tractor, by dinner time it was a smashing baked tattie
  15. Aye, these were the days when you dreaded getting out of bed, the clothes were on top of the blanket to help keep you warm, then the heart sank as the tattie bus appeared to pick you up for another day of drudgery on the park
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