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  1. Lost far to many key players from last season. Squad now just isn’t able to compete
  2. Another two games down; another two defeats. Pollock 5- Rabs 1 21/08/19 Rabs 1- Clydebank 2 24/08/19 We are a complete mess. Team is filled with players who aren’t good enough for this level. Sadly I don’t see how we get out of this mess this season. 6 Games. 6 defeats. Embarrassing
  3. Apologies for lack of posting. Rob Roy have been very poor recently; had to take a bit of time off. So far we have played three premiership games. Three defeats out of three. 1: Benburb 2- Roy 0 03/08/19 2: Rutherglen Glencairn 2- Roy 1 07/08/19 3: Hurlford United 3- Roy 0. 10/08/19 We have also played in the sectional league cup 2nd round after qualifying from our group. Another defeat this time to Championship outfit Kilsyth Rangers. Kilsyth Rangers 3- Roy 2 12/08/19 Very disappointing start to say the least. It can only get better...
  4. “You only sing in the chapel” Your songbook was embarrassing today. Took a lot of shine off a great Dunfermline performance on the pitch. Was easily the worst songbook since around 1989 heard at Parkhead;filled to the gutter with with Sectarianism. Shameful
  5. Both teams playing some good football right now. Can’t wait for it
  6. Watson most definitely mate. Real handful up there. Michael Morris is also excellent
  7. Forgot to say Ashfield were our opponents tonight
  8. Team looking very good right now. Trying not to be optimistic but we certainly look strong
  9. Another win for the Roy. That’s 3 out of 3 for us in the league cup sectional. 4-1 tonight for us at Guys Meadow. Jamie Watson with a double with Jay Mcinally and Michael Morris adding the finishing touches
  10. Another win for the Roy. 4-1 V Ashfield )
  11. St Rochs are doing under 16s get in for free. Absolutely excellent from them once again.
  12. Didn’t play the best football but managed to break down a determined St Rochs team. 2 wins out of 2 now
  13. Another good win for the rabs tonight. 1-0 V St Roch’s
  14. Good stuff. Looking forward to our games this season.
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