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  1. The wife not letting you see the kids again?
  2. Clyde 1-2 Falkirk Dumbarton 0-3 Stranraer East Fife 2-2 Airdrie Peterhead 1-1 Forfar Raith 3-0 Montrose
  3. We won 6-0 on Saturday and some folk were complaining if we drop points here I genuinely worry about some of our fans wellbeing
  4. Thought your number 3 and Layne looked decent
  5. Peterhead are getting pumped this is the start of our historic 108 point league one campaign
  6. A YouTuber I really liked commited suicide and I know I don't actually know him or anything I just watched his videos/streams but it's really fucked me up.
  7. Ikumi Nakamura was the best part of E3. Change my mind.
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