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  1. Oli Shaw and Ross Stewart are about to make sweet love to the Scottish Premiership.
  2. The good old days, wouldn't mind a bit of plague to spice things up tbh
  3. this'll all blow over fairly quickly, Bird flu and Ebola were another two 'apocalypse' diseases that don't seem to get any media coverage now.
  4. McGregor first round. Calls out Usman post fight imo
  5. Grivosti and Donaldson could be a great centre back partnership in the long run for us. A winger is the priority in this window, Ideally someone with some pace
  6. I turn 23 on Sunday and I feel really optimistic that this year is going to be a good one for me! Mental Health is much better and Physical health is getting there too. Buzzing!
  7. Trying to cause trouble in the depression thread is disgusting and deserves a perma-ban, that thread has been really helpful to me and i'm sure many others on here.
  8. As well as Erwin Graham and McKay? (Stewart too but he's injured) I think we'd do well with a Jordan Slew type striker with someone like McKay or Erwin playing off him, someone quick and strong who can carry the ball.
  9. where else do you think we need to strengthen? they're both Meh signings that could work out well potentially but I'd like to sign an exotic South American just because
  10. Donaldson and Middleton are the only two I've seen linked so far, would we be happy with that?
  11. How many are you expecting to lose this window?
  12. I'm sure you'll find some non-league players or out of favour Scottish players to replace them who'll be just as good if not better, has always been the way with Robertson and it's worked up to this point. Has Donaldson regressed a lot this year? not heard much about him since last season
  13. Hearing more rumours of Donaldson signing for us, any truth in it do you think?
  14. I just burst out laughing at this at work and now I'm getting funny looks
  15. I think everything will quieten down on the whole WW3 front, the plane being shot down throws a few problems in there though. The more the UK stays out of it the better imo.
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