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  1. No mention of the defending not being good enough, just saying 'the games are close though!' get this rat out of the club.
  2. Honestly not a clue at this point, Not cause he's a good guy and not for footballing reasons.
  3. Quite right. Hopefully it gets the message across to Roy if he's not aware already!
  4. Wonder how long it'll be till the Malky out banners get held up and what not. We're sleepwalking to relegation. Yogi Hughes has every right to feel smug about what's happened since he got told he wasn't staying.
  5. If It's gonna happen it'll take us getting battered by the teams around us.
  6. Can't tell if I want us to win this or to get embarrassingly pumped rotten so Mackay gets binned quicker.
  7. It's scary how bad we are. Livi win to send Malky back to hell.
  8. I audibly went 'oh ya fucker' when I seen that last night. Surely your man's embarrassed by that take?
  9. Boyce, Irvine, Davies. Best spine our club has ever had.
  10. Yeah, There was a lot more to it than just it being against his old club though. A well known and respected County fan had just passed away and Boyce was aware of that and that definitely played a part in his apologetic reaction to scoring.
  11. Brian Graham looked tremendous against Hamilton the other night. OTB makes me more and more ashamed of being a County fan by the day. It genuinely baffles me how the people saying racism is bad are perceived as the toxic part of the support.
  12. McKay is better than what we have undoubtedly but I agree we needed better than him to move forward. Hence why we're bottom of the league with no wins with the current group of shitehawks we have up front. We need a 10+ league goal a season striker. we'd be lucky to get that between the 3 we have now.
  13. Saints and County both trying to have the worst defensive display in football history in the same weekend.
  14. Marcus Fraser helped us win our only major trophy in our history he can celebrate how he wants against us he's earned that. Maybe we should be more concerned with why none of our players can defend well enough to stop him scoring against us and directing our displeasure at that? I said at the time a squad filled with loan players won't be up to it. Winless with piss poor attendances and no recognised goal scorer in the team. Surely the Malky defenders are running out of excuses. Baldwin and Maynard-Brewer for the third goal by the way, wow. Worst I've seen, I'd bring back Jordi Balk and Tim Dreesen over this lot.
  15. What's the lowest points total since the premiership rebrand? We might be challenging that this year.
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