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  1. I think he liked the time off, He was back in Australia and they're handling the pandemic better than the rest of the world over there so maybe he just wanted to chill for a bit.
  2. Irvine would have significantly improved every club in the division outside of Rangers and Celtic.
  3. Holloway shouting to the commentary team while slipping punches and landing a no look punch at the same time might just be the greatest thing ever done in MMA.
  4. Best we've looked all season, Hylton was superb along with Shaw. Jason Naismith and Randall at full back for the foreseeable please. I don't think we should be signing Stanton at this point, Maybe cover for Draper but our Midfield has plenty of options. Aberdeen were genuinely rotten. I thought Ferguson and McCrorie were meant to be good? Both of them running about like headless chickens booting the ball out of play any chance they got.
  5. just seen the supposed list of players out and it's like celtic hand picked it themselves.
  6. Managed to get a fiver on hibs at 9/2 before bets were suspended on it. Celtic will win now.
  7. Irvine would come in and immediately be your best midfielder. There's an argument that he's the best County player of all time and he's improved since he left us.
  8. We've just signed another player you'd argue is the same position as him. Going by what we've played so far under Hughes we don't seem to have an actual 10 in our system. Confusing signings but at this point we need good players.
  9. Let a man dream please. The highland air will bring him back.
  10. A midfield 4 of Lakin, Paton, Maouche and Andreu till the end of the season, no defending just absolute sex going forward.
  11. Another central midfielder it looks like. Vigurs, Draper, Kelly, Paton, Lakin, Tilson to compete with then...
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