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  1. We need to sign players ASAP. Bare in mind how poor our defence was last season. The fact not a single defender has come in is mental.
  2. I look forward to dishing out abuse on that thread in due course.
  3. Passed my driving test today! Life is finally on the up boys.
  4. So we waited all week for a pre contract signing from January to be announced. During a week where we were told 4 or 5 would be in. Am I surprised? Not in the slightest. Hopefully Cancola is a good addition and can get some good minutes under his belt.
  5. Can't remember the last time I've gone into a season this underwhelmed. Poor all round, a real shame.
  6. The signings we bring in better be good if we have to wait this long for them.
  7. Relegation or Play-offs. Anything other than that with the current squad is a miracle.
  8. That'll be Friday and no new signings. As long as we play Brora every week we should be okay.
  9. Cheers! It was certainly a massive change for me, that's what was the hardest part for me. Glad I'm kicking on now and I'm used to revision and lectures and all that stuff. Referencing can get in the bin though! haha
  10. Kelly's best attributes are when he's further up the park, would be baffling if you played him LCB. Good passer of the ball, isn't good in the air and doesn't do well with anyone with half a yard of pace. However I was sad to see him go as he had a good season with us before his release.
  11. Does anyone know if tonight's game is going to be streamed?
  12. Was Jordan Slew I believe. The new years game against Caley where we won 2-1. I think we have enough to beat Brora with the current squad. However being able to beat a highland league side is hardly saying much at this point. I wonder who we could get in at this stage.
  13. Right, it's Wednesday and still no signings. Did we not have players that were essentially waiting to join once the squad was back post COVID?
  14. Cheers! Been an absolute nightmare but I'm buzzing I've got there in the end. Pint time!
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