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  1. Don't get me wrong we're massive hammer throwers but jesus christ Killie haha. Lafferty gets away with murder. Crazy to think that at least one of these teams will be playing in this league next season. Midge playing as a 10 is levels above btw, needs to only be played there from now on.
  2. Laidlaw Naismith Watson Iacovitti Hjelde Draper Lakin Maouche (why not?) Hylton Mckay Paton Midge this season has been so much better coming off the bench and I'd like to see him used that way from here on out. Kelly, Vigurs and White will start at the cost of the rest of the team. I like Shaw but think Mckay is in decent enough form to keep playing and his link up play is levels ahead of other strikers in our squad. This Moauche guy surely worth a punt considering he's out of contract at the end of the season you'd think he'd be keen to impress. 2-1 Killie Lafferty and a centre half of some sort to score
  3. I would be happy with Stephen Kelly losing the ball all the time if he was constantly trying to play forward passes and be creative, he loses the ball by passing it sideways or backwards to the opposition. He's rotten, would rather Mark Klok or Terry Dunfield.
  4. He's trying to stick up for Brian Rice cause he's his mate but yeah it should be the case here as well as down south as it's a conflict of interest. Genuinely wouldn't be shocked if Roy tries to get McCann in as manager at the end of the season regardless of what league we're in.
  5. He's giving it the classic old guy in the jailend shout 'Referees don't like coming up here!' 'all the decisions go to the central belt' etc. Whether it's right or wrong is besides the point, it's embarrassing and he should be focussing on stopping the team from daydreaming into bottom spot.
  6. Stuart Kettlewell and John Hughes obsession with playing Vigurs and Kelly is costing us this season along with the obvious issues defensively. Hylton needs to play, I'd like to see what this new boy Maouche is all about as we're hardly amazing in the middle of the park. We're truly awful though, If we stay up the league's a joke.
  7. I think we'll end up with 5 at the back again to be honest. Midge is criminally underused at the moment. Makes us better whenever he plays and no one is as good at carrying the ball in the squad. Hughes is the type to start Maouche just because he signed him isn't he?
  8. Laidlaw Naismith Iacovitti Watson Hjelde Draper Lakin Paton Hylton Mckay Midge I genuinely can't see us winning this. The way our seasons going it screams 2-1 Inverness. if Maouche is decent I'd like to see him play but not got a clue if he's any use.
  9. Met Chris Millar (ex St Johnstone) after a gig a few years back while I was steaming and he was really sound, was happy to talk away to a pished highlander about football for ten minutes so fair play to him. Ivan Sproule is also the most spot on guy you'll meet, offered me and my mates a lift home from Victoria Park after a game away to hibs.
  10. I'd love for us to stick with the 3-5-2, really gets the best out of Naismith who is the best player at the club by a mile. I wouldn't mind seeing Hylton up with Mckay to try and get behind the hibs defence, but White will more than likely start so we have a decent presence up front. Tillson deserves to keep his place he was good last weekend.
  11. If you want The Mallard next season you WILL let us win.
  12. Mckay hitting form would be ideal for us just now, best finisher at the club by a mile. Spittal impressed me again on Saturday too. shocked at how good he's been since he's come back. Donaldson can go, I don't care where but please just go.
  13. As good as he's been, White had a shocker against St Mirren, Shaw definitely needs to play though.
  14. Hylton and Midge out wide with Shaw up front and Spittal playing off of him, Lakin and Paton in the centre.
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