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  1. It's nothing too exciting guys, just something that will split opinion.
  2. something next week is for sure going to split opinion on here
  3. He apparently was great at Coventry but a disaster at Doncaster. Purrington looks a great signing for this level.
  4. Jordy Hiwula and Ben Purrington join County on 2 year deals.
  5. The squad on paper genuinely already looks stronger than last season.
  6. Ben Purrington 2 year deal. What a signing that is. We are cooking this season.
  7. Tbf he's got a clean slate here and anything good that he does is a bonus.
  8. Southampton fans seem to think Olaigbe is their standout youth prospect so he could be a bit of a gem. I think the Hungbo comparison is very fitting looking at the clips of him. We could do with another centre half, full back, keeper and striker then I'll be quite happy.
  9. Olaigbe joins on loan from Southampton! Excited by this one.
  10. Heard it was very close last week. I don't know if there's been any change to that as of yet.
  11. Graham Carey is one of those players that I just love watching. Technically good with an absolutely dynamite left foot. He probably isn't what St Johnstone need but he's a good player at this level.
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