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  1. Your wingers wouldn't be fast anymore if Kenny was playing...
  2. We are a bit of a mixed bag this year it seems. Some good stuff against Hamilton and Hearts then pastings by Livi and Aberdeen. We showed we can grind out results on Saturday, but Motherwell look very very strong this season and wouldn't be surprised if they're in the top 4. I'd like to see Henderson and Paton both keep their places in midfield with more of an enforcer type behind them. Laidlol Fraser Watson Morris(Fontaine) Foster Mullin Hendo Grivosti Paton Gardyne RossStewartMania A hard fought and exciting 2-2 is my prediction.
  3. aye mopping my feet while i'm doing a shite surely isn't in the job description! Fair play to him though it smelled awful.
  4. Used to have a female cleaner who would shout in the door anyone in. She didnt do this to avoid embarrassment and come back later though. She did it to identify who was shitting so that she knew who she was attempting to strike up a conversation with through the shitter door. Vile. That's grim, if someone is emptying their bowels I can't think of anything worse than asking them what they're up to at the weekend etc.
  5. Doing my usual morning dump at work and the new cleaner walks into the toilets. I'm sat there fully expecting him to leave knowing there's someone in, but no he continues to mop the floor and what not he then starts sticking the mop under the cubicle I'm in to clean it. mopping my shoes in all sorts, I then wipe, flush and go to wash my hands and he is in the cubicle I was in with the mop before i'd even finished washing my hands. Bit weird?
  6. Lovely wee shoulder injury during my bench warm up, had to bail the session and do arms and abs instead. Gutted as I'm only just back from a knee injury.
  7. It's almost impressive the lengths people go to, to avoid doing work
  8. Yeah I'd think so, shame as we actually looked good to start with with him in a 3
  9. Sounds about right, the 'If you're not happy leave' approach
  10. Had a Tennents Ember for the first time in a pub in Lairg, very decent.
  11. Where I work those surveys are just there to make the staff think they have a say, when in reality the higher ups don't care what you think as long as you keep coming in and doing your work.
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