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  1. Only thing to point out is that recent research showed that being double jabbed didnt prevent you getting covid or even passing it on, but it lowered the likelihood of severe impacts. If that is the case, tricky to see how we will keep a league going, esp once the darker colder months lead to an inevitable increase in cases.
  2. We'll be waiting for the Euros to finish before picking up a couple of the stars.
  3. Yeah we need to focus on our performances and let others worry about theirs. All we can do is focus on winning our games. If we do then we'll be in the playoffs. As others have mentioned, staying in this league after where we were after the 1st third of the season feels like a big win anyway.
  4. Had a laugh at Breakfast News on BBC this morning. Apparently our cup run is over. And what a run! I'm sure we'll be talking about it for years.
  5. To be fair I thought McFadden was right. The easy answer to the question would have been to say yes, but he said not at this point. Which given our circumstances is correct. The fact we have to start from virtual scratch each year and rely on loan signings is evidence enough I would say. I am not criticising this approach as it keeps us afloat, but it isn't one that is designed for premiership success.
  6. As others have said, positives were not getting an absolute pumping, no injuries plus Jones looks good back from injury. But we were outclassed. Good luck against the banjo players.
  7. Just about to say that. Doesn't look any better than when he played for Raith against us. Maybe we're his bogey club. He'll probably score now.
  8. Impressive from Hibs. Good work rate and comfortable on the ball. Avoiding injuries is our priority now
  9. I have a bit of fear here. If we play with a keeper who has known the defence for 1 day then there is likely to be confusion between them. Hope I am wrong.
  10. 45% despite all the 'stop talking about independence and start running the country' p1sh spouted by the Unionists. Yep a real struggle tonight for the SNP. Biggest mandate for any party.
  11. Only the most lunatic would see a Tory victory as good for Scotland. Those who voted for them in the North of England can reap what they sow now. A 10 year mandate given over a Brexit which could have been done by now if the Tories had been any good. Dark days ahead for England. Once again showing the futility of Scotland remaining in the Union.
  12. Yes, The Scottish people will now go. Big Malky is right, we should fall into line with England and vote Tory. Or they might go, another night where despite what we vote, we get shafted by England's voting. SNP need to plug that message loud and clear.
  13. Malky is definitely a bit of a loser. SNP gain huge in Scotland and Sturgeon is a loser. I can only assume he cant have a grip on reality. The truth is Scotland is the loser because of Englands voting. I assume the guy wears daily mail underpants.
  14. I cant watch this car crash south of the border. Bad times ahead. With a massive majority the Tories will buttfck us regardless of any SNP increase in seats.
  15. I have to say I suspect the exit polls will have overestimated snp seat gain by a reasonable amount. Hope I'm wrong.
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