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  1. Just checked. I think we are on 19 points for the whole of 2019, celebrating 1919 in style. All we need is Paul Hardcastle....
  2. How many points have we had in 2019? Are we at 19 yet?
  3. I'd probably worry that Jonhson had lost the dressing room. If I thought the squad were underperforming. I just think the midfield are poor. If we could sort this out we would be OK
  4. Sadly they won't lose at least one Dumfriesshire/ Borders seat. That will be their legitimate mandate for Scotland. Then they will ignore Independence call.
  5. I see they are intensifying their efforts. Meeting twice a week now. No wonder we are in the [email protected] if that is intensive. Monday 0900: Honey monster's crack team: Do you agree to remove the Irish backstop? EU: No. Hmct: See you on Wednesday...
  6. If this doesn't lead to a Tory wipeout in Scotland then we should be ashamed. Little Englander plan is obvious. Take UK out of EU, weather the storm in Scotland even if it loses all seats and project fear 2. Scotland would take years to get into EU type politicking...
  7. Bye Ruth! Dont let the door hit your @rse on the way out... If she cites family reasons she truly is a spineless individual.
  8. Hitler's consolidation of power through legal means and the honey monsters are similar. Meanwhile jolly hockey sticks is nowhere to be seen.
  9. Sorry thought Doonhamer meant best 11 regardless of injuries.
  10. Listening to Thomas today it sounds like he isn't in the same spirit as last year. Alaphillipe's to lose now. Buchmann has been quietly effective and Thibault looks like he is up for it. Changing of the guard?
  11. This. Who doesn't play well when they are trying to get a contract? It is a gamble.
  12. Great set by the Cure. Still smashing it after 40 years. Rob looked quite overwhelmed at the end
  13. Rob looks like he's been infected by Glasto!
  14. Sergeant. Let's hope they save early stuff to the end. County fan, I think boys don't cry was one of the last songs at BST. They also played 1015 Saturday night, jumping someone else's train and killing an Arab. I suspect we won't get all of these tonight.
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