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  1. Yeah its a bit of a strange one, from what I have seen Waddell has deleted his twitter account now and is training with Arbroath. I would of liked to of kept him but best to move on now and focus on bringing another CH in.
  2. The Courier quoting McPake in saying we missed out on Ben turner. “I said to him that I was on the lookout for centre-backs and that it was close with Ben Turner and Jordon Forster. “We got Jordon over the line but unfortunately missed out on Ben.
  3. Friendly in Spain - Dundee 0-0 Nottingham Forrest
  4. Too early to predict a result but MON THE DEE!
  5. Record has us to sign Ben Turner who just left Mansfield. CB 31 years old
  6. I Think thats a bit harsh to be honest. Yes Holt was not a great player but I wouldn't say he was an utter liability. I would prefer Ralph to him tho.
  7. Aryt Lads, Any realistic transfer targets we should be going for? I see Nisbet from Raith is talking to a few clubs.
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