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  1. Eating crisps and chocolate at the same time
  2. Absolutely now is this time, it gives the new incoming manager a month or so to get familiar with the current squad and for them to identify player replacements for the problem areas. Not getting someone in now makes no sense in terms of getting the most out of them to finish off this season and get back to the championship
  3. After our performance against airdrie I’m still optimistic about a victory here, although I doubt there will be any real style or flair to the victory. Scrape past 2-1.
  4. Clyde 1 Peterhead 0 Dumbarton 1 east fife 1 Falkirk 3 airdrie 0 Montrose 2 Forfar 1 Raith Rovers 0 Stranraer 1
  5. I find it funnier they call him a safe pair of hands...memory recalls very differently
  6. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] ex scumfermline stillie standing for the Tories
  7. Who else saw this one, Stillie standing for the Tories in Ayrshire
  8. Cheers for that, didn’t think they would’ve been in abeyance for so long in the recent past given their relative success and progression in recent years. Looking forward to this one for sure.
  9. Actually quite looking forward to Penicuik away, somewhere different, but a major banana skin tie for us. Hopefully we go there and get a good win, but by no means going to be an easy place to go and we must show Penicuik the upmost respect as they are definitely not a “non league diddy” they will be right up for it and feel like they could cause a major upset.
  10. What sort of redevelopment at QP going to do at lesser. I know for starters they will need covered seating but that aside what all is in the pipe works for that it would look like?
  11. Not the nicest kit but it’s made from 50% bamboo and they are looking to make a fully non plastic based kit in the future to promote environmental sustainability. So fair play in that respect for trying to be more eco friendly with their kit production.
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