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  1. Different Chairman tho, don’t think Clark will be a mug or McGlynn
  2. A think Baird is important to Bowie and as a other leader in the Squad even as a bench warmer with Sando. Hope he tells the sunshine in Oz to bite his shite 🤞
  3. Is Mcgurn called the ‘Witch’ cause he puts curses on any new Rovers number 1s
  4. The seat thrower had an attempted murder on him with a quad bike last month lolz
  5. Late ti the party, but ma experience wi Clyde fans was when Rovers were playing QOS me and ma pal changed trains at Glasgow for Dumfries and on the same train there was Clyde fans going to Annan. They were aloud bunch of about 15/20 and the toilet was next to them. So needing a piss got the best o me and said to maself ‘go for a pee and take the trouble’ Ended up me and ma mate drank with them for the rest o the journey, had a brilliant time. Rovers got pumped 3-0 by QOS
  6. Lewis Allan will get the headers in for us. the haters can suck me off if am wrong [emoji23][emoji23]🤝
  7. Well well well I was right [emoji56][emoji41]. Welcome to the Rovers Big Andy 🤝
  8. What a bunch of virtue police. Live in the real world of racism. willy nilly finger shaking is diluting the real stand up cause of a new epidemic, of racism, not a observing view of big natural units that are black that are French that’s played for Raith . I had a gf that was just short of a 3 years relationship that was bi racial in Holland her brothers growing up and her mum especially had drunk around the table shit story’s. what a said was a observation fact, some black guys have natural bruiser advantage . the virtue police prob was spitting chips with the Man Utd fans singing about Lukaku having a big black boaby. Anyway av got the score o ‘PC jump on throats brigade [emoji108]
  9. Is the Maby new center back black? Don’t want to sound racist but a big black unit at the back for for headers and attacking corners/set peace’s wi opposition bouncing off him will be great at this level. No matter the race sound like McGlynn is getting in some height for this season
  10. is it for EW top 3? Think Clyde will be a saucy bet EW All systems go with pressure wi Falkirk to win the League Think that’s the best situation for the Rovers to have have a ‘fight’ mentality push. McKinnon is all about him, prob why he’s singed players he’s all ready sweet talked. Falkirk will be vulnerable away from home and Raith got a wee comfort for the experience wi being down 2 season. Forfar, East Fife too. Ain’t no easy away days. Am sure Rovers record wi Clyde is honking so am predicting them as our bogey team and Airdrie for most points for. a would of took Cammy Gill for half season loan as part of the Pars taking our 2 top players. Would benefit both parties and individual
  11. f**k am 30 [emoji23][emoji23] this means a have to pay full whack for single matches as well. just moved back from Holland after few years away. Aw well still try and get to as much as possible
  12. Is there student prices for a season ticket or is it just for OAPs?
  13. Would Andrew Dallas from Rangers on loan be a shout? or was he honking at Morton?
  14. Bene got a local kdy burd and am sure she’s prob got summing to do with it ha
  15. It’s prob cause Davo has Sleeve tattoos. Folk seem to be over judgy with players with sleeve tattoos [emoji23]
  16. All the best to Murray. Maybe keeping it local for personal reasons like a girlfriend or a house for going to the pars. Same could be said for Nisbet
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