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  1. Been discused before on here I'm sure but Burton Albion's ground is the ideal blueprint. Great facilities that you would expect in a new stadium, with terracing incorporated for atmosphere and matchday experience.
  2. Well cheers Aaron you fucking walloper
  3. The racism allegation was the usual stuff about the 'We hate Killie, b*** b******' song,. It was bizarre and an absolute reach from the late Tarmo/Barrajag/Whatever other aliases he may have. Will be missed like a bout of gastroenteritis.
  4. The only meltdown was his own after being called out for his failure of a thread
  5. Is it an optical illusion, or was the torrent of water falling from the roof on that last picture landing straight on top of some of the home fans?
  6. I mean, it's debatable, but hardly a horrific opinion. I would say that Ronaldinho was the best Brazilian player of the mid 2000's, having taken over from Ronaldo in around 2003-04 and then being overtaken by Kaka in around 2008. There are things that Ronaldinho could do with a ball that none of those named above could ever do.
  7. Yep just like Talbot in the cup was a sare yin for u so this is not your year I see Auchinleck's communal potato has managed to pick up an Internet signal. Thanks for your intelligent input. Tatty bye then.
  8. We may not be a finished team but half those Rangers players were boys. Getting hounded 6-1 is a bit of a sare yin. ETA: Not that friendly results mean anything...
  9. The worst thing is the token 'please gamble responsibly' line that they have added on, which is a patronising load of sh**e.
  10. Hopefully not too late to bin the Qatar WC
  11. The last player to go from Ayr to Sunderland was Dick Malone, who ended up winning the FA Cup with The Mackems in 1973. A repeat of that would be tremendous, would feel like a proud Dad. Totally agree with Callum about Robbie Crawford. if he is holding out for another offer and using Ayr as some kind of backup option, then the offer should be wiped from the table after a certain period of time. If we're looking to progress as a club, we should be aiming to be more than just a safety net for players that believe they can do better.
  12. Has anyone tried learning a language in their sleep? Does it work?
  13. The pressure was being ramped up on the defence because we were no longer keeping the ball. Lumping hopeless balls up to Shankland and hoping he made something of nothing did not work, and as a result the ball came straight back far quicker than it had done before. The noticeable change in playing style was to blame both for our mid-late season defensive fragility and our lack of threat up top. Quite why it changed so dramatically remains an absolute mystery to me.
  14. League One down there is full of absolute jobbers at Centre Back. Rose will be an excellent addition. No idea where he'll be playing games mind you considering the issues that Coventry are having.
  15. 1. Dundee United 2. Dundee 3. Partick Thistle 4. Dunfermline 5. ICT 6. Ayr 7. Morton 8. Alloa 9. QOTS 10. Arbroath
  16. Harsh given that, not too long ago, we lined up with Darren Brownlie and Marc Twaddle at CB.
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