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  1. Especially when one of the clubs is your boyhood club..
  2. Was it actually ever on? Gutted for Sibbs. Thought he'd have went higher.
  3. Anyone heard anything about Sibbs being on the move? Heard a ridiculous rumour he wants to come back to us.. Assuming it's complete boll*cks right enough.
  4. Whilst this is highly unlikely to be true.. I wouldn't be too opposed to it. Assuming we bring in a midfielder who can hold onto the ball and control the midfield better than what we currently can.
  5. Montrose tweet to confirm the game is going ahead. Despite Aberdeen and Arbroath games being called off.
  6. Any specific reason why the signing must be later today? Have you got any info?
  7. Waiting on the outcome of the Sue Gray report first.. Apparently
  8. Remember this game. About the only Steven Craig goal I remember.
  9. I'll never understand why Chelsea fans are happy with Marcus Alonso in their team either. Just as a thread to this topic that is getting old now.
  10. The Jak was never the most clinical but I enjoyed him and Nelly playing. Certainly much worse options than him.
  11. Have they said they're releasing the outcome? Of that they're just going to make the two board members aware of it.
  12. Somewhat off topic but, I've heard tonight KM may be signing on as a player coach in the very near future.
  13. Anyone got any idea how long Morrison is out for and what the injury is?
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