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  1. Probably not the topic anyone wants to be focusing on or discussing this week.. I'm curious to know if there is any chatter about contract extensions? Acutely aware some of our top players contracts are ending in May, and they'll be able to sign pre-contracts in Jan.. Assuming a couple of them are catching the eye of a few suitors.
  2. Anything above 1,000 is amazing in my eyes, especially given recent times as you mention. Absolutely buzzing for this one. Don't let us down lads. COYB
  3. Any idea how much of the allocated 2,000 tickets have sold for Saturday? Confident of a quality crowd
  4. 4 of us getting train through to Edinburgh around 11, then connecting onto Fife around 12.30. Will head straight to the bar
  5. Curious if anyone is going to the FSS event at the Elizabethan pub in Dunfermline, pre-match on Saturday?
  6. I think that day is coming. Mcglynn probably wants to give some of them a chance first. Don't think he'll have been too impressed tonight with McCann, Hetherington, Williamson or Wilson. Morrison wasn't too great either but we know he can turn it on.
  7. Most of the guys starting tonight are from last season. No great shock we struggle to break down well organised opposition. I reckon Mcglynn will be well aware of what's needed and where.. Some positives though.. Yeats done ok again, Nesbit looked up for it. Felt McKay and Mackie looked comfortable. Saying that, Williamson wasn't great, Oliver struggled and Wilson is so far out of his depth it's concerning. We really struggled to keep the ball up top. A real lack of cutting edge or creativity.
  8. If you're being honest you'd have to say we don't deserve to be above Montrose and Airdrie with the bookies. Really hope JMc can pull off a miracle.
  9. I emailed Laura and she said £5 pay at the gate. Westfield Cafe isn't open either which is a bit of a bummer. I hear your point but it does feel a bit weird the club aren't posting much about tonight.. Money to be made with ticket sales and pretty much radio silence? Maybe still issues with ticketing supplier?
  10. Whoever the number 9 was he was absolute guff.
  11. 14 looks really good. Any idea who he is?
  12. Hearing a new commercial exec has been appointed today.
  13. Anyone know if we'll still have access to Falkirk tv streams of our home games with our season tickets? I sometimes miss the odd match due to work.
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