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  1. 1700 is a peculiar number. Any indications of how this is carried out, logistically? The workings, and the explanation on the club page, far from ideal for all concerned especially those on the floor, but clearly managed best it could be.
  2. Did the ball not deflect off a Celtic player making it dubious at least? The intention was there, from memory. I distinctly recall SO'D slowing down well before 'shooting'. EtA- some memory. Bryson, not O'Donnell. Oops. Williams offside, deflected back to CB.
  3. I'll offer a reason why Clark didn't send him off. Because he shat it from giving the correct triple-whammy in an age where every decision against Celtic was disputed as a Royal Blacks' conspiracy. I don't understand why people consider the missed pen and Malone's V-1 strike seperately. We can't claim both- the pen led directly to the goal! The second half goal, O'Donnell through one-on-one, was given off very early, and it absolutely was. EtA Bryson, not O'Donnell. So many ruled out, its easy to forget.
  4. Absolutely fickle, you bet. I'd rather an out-of place left back, tucking in as part of a four, than a completely missing-in-action midfield having to supply two wingers AND two strikers. Top-heavy, and it's not just Saturday, no natural general has emerged, to the point i'd call it the next-priority position ahead of left-back itself. The selection availability hasn't been kind lately, but neither McStay or Lamont have cemented anything yet when playing every week. And it's not Rankin's game either.
  5. Further to this, having seen it in action on Saturday, and been its biggest champion based on squad composition, the back three idea can get itself in the bin. We lack the central midfield general needed to protect a three, which isnt as crucial when playing either a tight or pendulating four. Thank christ we learnt it on Saturday.
  6. TBG, tbf....or is it Tbf, TBG... Yes, we are. But we're armed with better depth in Lang at Cb, and higher creativity in Wylde over (the most welcome) graft of Love/Smith which can now be even used effectively playing off Goodie, with Syvertsen perhaps adding to that soon too, should we not secure another central midfielder before the month's end. And the Davids at each end, now happy and settled, are worth a goal each per game. No one else in the division has upgraded or settled their team, in that manner. I think we can nick 4th.
  7. You can't be serious!! I never had 'virtuous' among the traits of Accies supporters, but you're saying that two local teachers, at schools with likely 95% Old Firm fans, swept half a dozen kids and parents away from NDP alongwith the rest of the school, reducing the crowd so heavily??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 For all Hamilton's efforts in the community, freebies etc, we pulled more for the L2 final (admittedly with freebies of our own) than you had for a relegation/playoff decider played at the exact same time! If there's a wedding on the 9th of February, you're fucked!
  8. I unreservedly apologise, i went a bit off the pier. After probably the best newsweek the club's had in years, i'm just overly cautious that these things never last, and Clyde fans having fun seems to annoy other Clyde fans more than anything else! I got this wrong.
  9. Playoff crowd was 2721. In the main stand. Facts, remember!
  10. Is there a need for the undertone? Or has this been brewing a while and you've at last 'caught me out'? This doesn't end well for lackeys, i'm still here. Many others are not. Half the stand, factually? Facts? They had a third. Me, my dad and our guest were plonked behind the Celtic dugout, to the left of the tunnel by that time, because we were abroad during the sale and simply couldn't request our normal seats. So no, they didn't have 'half'. Three unused Clyde squad players sat beside us. My dad is also in 90% of the on field photos because a steward invited him to join the three players with five minutes to go, thinking he was Robert Harris's father instead, and Strachan moved out his way to let them past. Touch of class, imo. And i'll have any pop at Thistle that i wish to.
  11. I'm unsure of that, but Premier have covered four Celtic games in two years with Saturday teatime kickoffs, and given that Rangers v Stranraer was broadcast on it on Friday, its clear what their interest is! The old standard 80k telly fee is surely built into the broadcasting contract? A massive part of any package, surely. Perhaps increased with inflation, we've no been on Sky/alternative in a Cup since Dundee Utd in 2008. Think we're looking at £130,000 clear profit here, and that's IF we lose. Also, as an aside, no Clyde supporter is going to be moved from their seat, unlike the hearse-chasing filth across the city. Happy days.
  12. No one in Southern Ireland, where Premier broadcasts from, gives a f**k about Falkirk or Hearts. Saturday, 5.30pm kickoff. Guaranteed.
  13. Wylde or Ally Love, would be my personal choice. Why invite trouble with an inferior player, especially in a defensive area of the pitch? The inclusion of Wylde, as a skilled technician, on the left of midfield would surely assist in us being perhaps more able to dominate possession in aggressive spaces, forcing teams (starting with this mob tomorrow) to withdraw players away from pressurising our three man backline, instead of having them pick on an inferior choice of left-back. Just do away with the position until we get a proper one in.
  14. Very much so. The only thing i'm unsure of is if Cuddihy is available or not to play Rwb, which for me, he would. Lang played 'left' of Rumsby from January onwards, and if as expected we are on top in possession, he and whichever of the other two are 'right' would invariably become part of build-up play. It's far from a long-term strategy, merely a solution to get us by tomorrow and see where we go. But the failings until now (that IS what they are, esp against teams around us) need rectified somehow.
  15. Provided we get the go-ahead in the face of these terrifyingly moderate overnight weather conditions, and taking into account the nature of the pitch, our opponents, our new additions, and our utter failure in succesfully negotiating these games recently whatsoever when going with our 'usual' preparations, layout and playing style, i think a radical alteration is staring us, and hopefully Danny Lennon too, in the face. Having no left-back all season has killed us, the inconsistency of form and selection at right-back has unbalanced us further. We've recruited well, and any ideas of Howie or Rumsby dropping out, particularly tomorrow, to shoehorn Tom Lang into defence, (looking FIRMLY at you, Haufdaft!) should be seen and treated as nonsense. It's very simple. He should play alongside them. I dont normally go for 'tight pitch' this, or 'man the barricades' that, but in the face of our lack of genuine full-backs, the signing of a versatile wide player, and the lack of support Goodwillie receives when wingers spend 70 minutes covering, a back three is a must. Smith looked able at RWB against Stranraer, arguably his most industrious performance so far. I'd gamble him or Johnston in this role, with the other playing off to the right of DG. Grant and Wallace/Lamont simply need to man up and get stuck in regardless of how we line up anyway, back three or four. Wylde and Love can partner on the left simpatico with DS and CJ on the right, in a classic old 3-4-3 from the days of Maitland. Get intae thum.
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