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  1. 24 months ago I would been put in Midpark if I said Lyndon dykes would score for Scotland. Well done young man I am a very proud queens fan tonight
  2. Happy with signing today . Fitzpatrick and McKee could give the ammunition dobbie needs and both goss and shields could be a good foil for him as well Like the way we going for a younger player ( I know Buchanan is older ) . Like a more experienced midfielder just to help the younger players even as squad player ( Wullie Gibson ) I would also resign lee Robinson as manager got the best out of him
  3. Gary naysmith would not know a footballer if he walked in to one . Poor manager horrible human being . As for the Sean - Lyndon debate Sean a good honest player and a gem of a guy Lyndon potentially could be anything and I think he will be a major figure for Scotland in years to come . I just Hope queens have a cut of his next move as well
  4. Queen of the South have confirmed they are "due a six-figure fee" as part of the deal, which has the potential of breaking their 26-year-old record fee of £250,000. From bbc sport
  5. The difference is Boli broken the quarantine rules and was meant to self isolate for 14 days . Yet he said nothing and the club played him making him a illegibly for the game against Killie so by the rules Celtic should lose the game 3-0 . I do feel for Celtic as Lennon was furious and rightly so but Boli broke the law Aberdeen players were just f..kin stupid
  6. I wonder if this week will prove the bod done the right thing and let players go . If the Aberdeen 8 and Boli is tip of iceberg and football delayed again it could bust some clubs who are paying wages. Hope I am wrong but worrying times. I think bod are correct and I think when we start signing players fans will be happy the way we go with signings
  7. Not sure if correct but I am sure that game at Gretna was all ticket and I got a call at 2pm to say I could get a ticket I was changed and in Gretna for 245 it was a great day .
  8. Shirt draw this week . Wonder how many will enter . I think 120-135 which would be be decent considering the time businesses are having . What do others think ?
  9. Sell on 15-20% and was told Livingston want 1.5-2 million for him . They turned down 1.1 million from Barnsley
  10. I actually think there is one man who will make the difference between queens struggling this year or actually challenging at the top and is the biggest reason why we have not done anything about signing any players . There will be hundreds of players available and rushing to sign them are foolish as we know our budget will be one of lowest in league. So as I said one man will make the difference. That man is LYNDON DYKES if he is sold it will be worth anywhere £150-350k to queens and that would allowed us to bring 4-6 decent players
  11. It is very interesting the last few days about lack of signing or even rumours. I think we are 3 weeks away from signing anyone . I will make a rumour prediction that we will sign Aaron Splaine
  12. Watched orsi in junior cup final which he won man of the match there is a talent there . But I think he lost the edge after injury and maybe some confidence
  13. If my memory is correct did we not play them on the Saturday at Palmerston and dan was man of the match then he got done on the Tuesday up there
  14. If we go down the route of some full time part time players . A couple of locals who I think could do a job are 1- scot hopper who I thought unlucky to leave us was a decent player and versatile for annan and done well at Peterhead ( had a few injury issues) always have 100% 2 Tommy muir local lad plays at annan everytime I seen him play he causes defence problems he is quick and not afraid to get stuck in I saw him score a hat trick for annan against cove he was unplayable that day . He is raw but training with dobbie could help . Would not cost a lot of money ethier. What are people’s thoughts and any others that might be any good
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