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  1. Happy with Gary Oliver he always had a good work rate and playing along side dobbie can only improve him as a player 1 down 5-7 players to go and still 2 more ex players to cone in . Like the two year deal thing player may be happier to sign for slightly less money but a longer term good forward thinking by the club especially if the player dies well they may make some money off them
  2. From what I heard tonight queens will sign between 6&8 players by next sat with at least 2 being former players .
  3. Annan Athletic 2019/20

    Has Aidan smith signed for Peterhead . If correct he will be hard to replace worked hard and good team player I think he will do well for Peterhead
  4. Alan Martin one of the poorest goalkeepers i have seen at Palmerston park in many a year .
  5. Question is there enough room for 2 professional teams . Queen of the south and Annan . There is a 16 mile gap between the two clubs in my opinion queens should use annan as a stepping stone for some of younger players and in the long term both clubs could benefit . What are the thoughts of fans from both teams