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  1. I am glad you think that but you are wrong 100% . I was given information from a family member of Kevin holt . just remember when he resigned before . He was on £1000 a week and was being paid partly by a third party similar to how dobbie was
  2. How is it a pr disaster? . why do a lot of people think the club not trying to bring in players . I think they have really tried to go down a different route with the signing of young players . also we have tried to bring players in for example . kevin holt offered £900 a week three year deal and testimonial but went to thistle for £1200 2 year
  3. Heard this morning that young josh Rae out for a while with broken cheek bone and we are looking at bringing a keeper from down south . as much as I like charlie cowie not ready to play week in week out in the championship
  4. See the ex qos player Dapo Mebude now at Watford looks like be was badly injured in a game last night . I hope he has a speedy recovery because I think there is a decent footballer there .good luck
  5. Queen of the south sign Harry Cochrane on a two year deal
  6. Harry Cochrane fantastic signing and maybe now some people on here will give manager and more so the bod a break . Really think we are building a side that will play attractive football and the potential for players to improve and sell on for a nice profit .
  7. Heard today we are close to a tie up with Middlesbrough for 2-4 loan players but they are a week or so behind us with being ready to loan players to us . on a another note was told Kevin holt turned down a 3 year deal to sign . really hopeful for new season a lot of promise from games I have watched so far like the type of football we are trying to play
  8. Can anyone answer question on the shirt sponsor queens we’re wearing against east fife . Only thing I can think is there are under 17 sponsor and first team tops not ready
  9. Remember also there is a 160 plus season tickets with the shirt draw
  10. Season ended and still a championship team more than we could and probably hoped for at season start . Quite a lot of fans on various sites thro out season were wanting Callum Semple back I have looked at a few sites and I can’t find that he was playing anywhere since he left queens ( maybe wrong ) I wonder if there is more than a football reason we never signed him. Ps I would take the Callum Semple we had first time he was here not the second time
  11. The Greatest Team We Never Saw https://medium.com/@ginkers/the-greatest-team-we-never-saw-a96aff7b324b A very good read and I agree with what he wrote
  12. I think this will be more of a loss for queens if we loss Mebude as expected. I wonder if rangers will loan us another striker as a replacement
  13. 24 months ago I would been put in Midpark if I said Lyndon dykes would score for Scotland. Well done young man I am a very proud queens fan tonight
  14. Happy with signing today . Fitzpatrick and McKee could give the ammunition dobbie needs and both goss and shields could be a good foil for him as well Like the way we going for a younger player ( I know Buchanan is older ) . Like a more experienced midfielder just to help the younger players even as squad player ( Wullie Gibson ) I would also resign lee Robinson as manager got the best out of him
  15. Gary naysmith would not know a footballer if he walked in to one . Poor manager horrible human being . As for the Sean - Lyndon debate Sean a good honest player and a gem of a guy Lyndon potentially could be anything and I think he will be a major figure for Scotland in years to come . I just Hope queens have a cut of his next move as well
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