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  1. The ref today was horrible and as for main stand linesman never got a decision right both not good enough to officiate Sunday amateur
  2. Northfield 53. Do you watch football because you saying you would think about resigning dobbie after the start to season he has had . Two words for you F..king Idiot Thou you would probably not sign Ronaldo or messi as they have no knowledge of scottish football the sooner clowns like you stop supporting qos the better
  3. Question for fans what percentage of the hard core fans who attend home games week in week out. Will do social media Facebook twitter ect The reason I ask is this Saturday there will be unveiling of a carving at the arena and there has been no mention in local papers radio and not even on club website as a late forties supporter feel we are not catering for a lot of hard core support
  4. Well done northfield53 another wrong prediction you sure you are a queens fan all I can say is your a man of little or no faith
  5. Really glad we never signed Aird he is a imposter not a footballer
  6. Watched game on tv as in Edinburgh with work been married 23 years and I have never spent as much time looking at my wife as Leann does looking at Tommo when talking about game for god sake face the camera and talk to the watching punters
  7. What game to some of you watch I though at time our pace and play were decent . I saw a lot of positives about game at start of season most fans would have taken a draw against Dundee
  8. Hopefully a few quid may come queens way if there is a good sell on clause
  9. Annan could be in trouble if they lose manager Peter Murphy mention for Ayr job
  10. Person away was Eddie Warwick good luck in new venture
  11. Do ether of you two not realise he is not fit and he needs time to regain match fitness
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