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  1. West coasters have always been a bit weird though, salt and sauce would mean ketchup and not brown for god sake, monsters
  2. players pick whatever numbers they want these days tradition and the greater good is what's at stake here
  3. i'm not even entertaining the madness that is using Darren Young to try and overrule oor Norrie in an argument Hang your head in shame
  4. you'd think having a stand named after our most famous centre half who wore the no.4 would be enough eh
  5. actually i'll give you the RB 3 and LB 2 i got them mixed up when typing, but DM wearing 4 is just plain insanity
  6. i've been called worse tbf .........but you're still wrong
  7. 4 is a centre half you fucking animal always this.... 2 LB, 4 & 5 CB, 3 RB 7 RW, 6 (defensive) CM & 8 (attacking) CM, 11 LW 9 & 10 CF
  8. They've already been assigned squad numbers and are listed on the website (and different to what they were wearing in the Betfred so far) They've just given whoever's starting 1 to 11
  9. good to hear the boys ok, watching it back it looks like a really sore one with a shin to the face and not nice seeing him go limp and face down after
  10. good to hear he's doing ok if a bit battered and bruised, I don't think anything was getting in the way of Nizzy's first hatrick... we'll be backing you for an upset again the Paisley lot since they struggled to get past City last night
  11. oh and fair play to your young keeper that came on, worst possible game for him to come into and under the circumstances but after an understandably nervous start the boy did well and made a cracking save
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