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  1. the shocker is that Ruth Davidson has come out and said she's a Pars fan, is it possible to ban someone from supporting your team??
  2. I'm a big fan of Ryan but he's been rank rotten the past few games he's played Against ICT I'd like to see (Since Murray and Lang out): Gill Comrie Ashy Morrison Martin Dow Beadling Turner Edwards Nisbet Kiltie Not seen Cochrane yet so can't judge, I still think 3-5-2 is the way to go when we have everyone fit....
  3. was saying about cochrane being cup tied but then clicked about it being wrong thread....
  4. Average age of squad = 22.3 years old 1 Ryan Scully 26 2 Aaron Comrie 22 3 Tom Lang 22 4 Lewis Martin 23 5 Euan Murray 25 6 Lee Ashcroft 25 7 Joe Thomson 22 8 Tom Beadling 23 9 Gabby McGill 18 10 Andy Ryan 24 11 Ryan Dow 28 12 Kyle Turner 21 14 Danny Devine 26 15 Kevin Nisbet 22 16 Stuart Morrison 20 17 Callum Smith 19 18 Paul Allan 19 19 Matty Bowman 18 20 Cammy Gill 21 21 Paul Paton 32 22 Josh Coley 21 26 Matty Todd 18 27 Lewis McCann 18
  5. Draw specialist all season the pars once again lol lol bless, just you worry about not getting pumped off Morton again
  6. if it's 500k then it's not far off what i'd expect our budget to be...
  7. Oh and no chance we have a higher player budget than yourselves, we'll be 5th at best behind both dundee clubs, yourselves and ICT
  8. Attendance figures based on tickets sold (inc freebies) is standard practice in the top 2 tiers, we only changed to this in the past couple of years to follow suit with the majority
  9. bloody hell i'm actually starting to feel sorry for you lot, this boy sounds too good to be true but i genuinely hope someone across there gets their shit together, see's sense and the fans bid comes back on the table if/when this boy is found out sounds like he's more interested in the associated investment potential (real estate) and would just hand off the football side while he concentrates on making his money, could be a win win but it's smelling fishy even for the seaside league down there
  10. An in contract attacking wide player has been talked about by Craw for weeks now so the Celtic draw might release the purse strings a bit to improve the offer and 'get it over the line' Our whole style of play is dependent on fast pacy wingers so it would make sense to bring one more in that is around the level of Dow and Coley, but i'm fairly happy the squad we have will do a job. They might not push for promotion but it's a re-building season and i like the way they've went about it so far and it's clear to see what they are trying to achieve and a style of play an identity we've missed in previous years
  11. Revised my earlier prediction Dundee Partick Dundee Utd ICT Dunfermline Morton Ayr Arbroath Alloa QOTS
  12. on paper it looks great, my only concern would be it would leave us a bit more exposed defensively with Dow, Coley and Turner being more attack minded but until we see more of those 3 it's probably unfair to judge them if they are asked to play a certain way, so could well work
  13. Young Kyle Turner who the Stranraer fans will will be very familiar with Exciting attacking player who will hopefully add to his game this season but will need to see how he does against the smarter and more physical defenders of the league For home grown talent, Stuart Morrison (CH) and Lewis McCann (ST) get a mention and both doing well pushing for a start in the first team
  14. Dunfermline group games were initially priced at £18 but the board decided to change it to £12 after enough fans voiced their opinions about it (probably on social media), hopefully your board sees sense if enough noise is made about it It baffles me how some boards see 200 fans at £18 being just as good as 300 at £12 More fans and a better atmosphere makes games
  15. agree with the preference for 442 over 352 but to keep Turner, Ryan and Nisbet on the park as well as knowing Paton will be a starter and SC isn't going to not start with his newly appointed captain means 442 doesn't work unless beadling is dropped and that won't work Turner in for Paton would be ideal but can't see it happening so one of the 3 above will be on the bench
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