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  1. If McInnes was to go who would you guys want to replace him? I cant think of many stand out names to go for. Surely you would want better than Wright or Robinson.
  2. Yeah I like this formation. I think it would work really well for us. It would give us a really strong and solid looking midfield and allow Storey and Sutherland to play in their favoured positions.
  3. Are you guys as impressed with Kai Kennedy as we were at ICT. What a talent this guy looks. Gutted when he left us to go to you guys. Noticed he scored today.
  4. Then end up at Ross County, St Johnston or Aberdeen in a couple seasons.
  5. Is he any good? If he's a wide player I guess it could be true. We're pretty short there after losing Kennedy.
  6. Reign it in a bit son 🤦‍♂️, ok old boy! I get it now, your on the wind up. Well played, you got me. Or at least I hope you are. Theres no way these posts can be serious can they? They are far to ridiculous for that. Your joke about us playing a massive club yesterday was the one that really got me. Nicely done.
  7. The thing is your not a massive club. Your a mid table Championship club with average players and a below average manager. Your miles off not just winning but challenging for the league title. Also last time I checked yous had a 3 and a half sided stadium, and that's been kind calling that piss poor shed of a thing a stand.
  8. Walsh injured already. That didn't take long. Such a good player though if he can stay fit.
  9. This guy is just made of glass. Always gets injured. Reckon he would be a regular starter if he could stay fit.
  10. Playing in a back three wouldn't suit him at all. His real strength is going forward and attacking. His defending is really poor. Not surprised it was a bit of a train wreck.
  11. How has Shaun Rooney done for you guys so far? I notice he's on the bench tonight. Has he had much game time?
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