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  1. Walsh injured already. That didn't take long. Such a good player though if he can stay fit.
  2. This guy is just made of glass. Always gets injured. Reckon he would be a regular starter if he could stay fit.
  3. Playing in a back three wouldn't suit him at all. His real strength is going forward and attacking. His defending is really poor. Not surprised it was a bit of a train wreck.
  4. How has Shaun Rooney done for you guys so far? I notice he's on the bench tonight. Has he had much game time?
  5. We've signed Scott Allardice that used to play for you guys. Notice he didn't play many games but anyone got any thoughts on what he is like?
  6. If you can keep Walsh fit he will be a great signing for you guys. Missed a lot of games for us through injury. It seemed whenever he was hitting top form he would get another knock. A really good player though.
  7. Trafford isn't a signing to get excited about. Wasnt even a regular starter with us last season. If all our central midfield were fit Trafford would not start. Gives away a lot of silly fouls and always looks slow and lethargic. Really surprised he's got a move to the Premier League.
  8. Where did you hear or read this from? I cant find it anywhere.
  9. Both Rooney and McCart would struggle in the Prem in my opinion. Rooney was roasted in the Scotiish Cup Semi when up against Jake Mulraney who really isn't very good. Hes not bad going forward but pretty awful defensively. Theres not much between Donaldson and McCart, both are liable to a silly mistake every game. If McCart did the simple things all the time he could be a player but too many times he tries to be fancy and fucks it up.
  10. John Hughes for you guys would be a sensational appointment. Champions guaranteed.
  11. Has it been confirmed how long Keatings is out for?
  12. You guys have been busy this summer. How many players is that you've signed? Is your squad to big now?
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