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  1. Unless I hear any different very soon, I’m probably going to give up hoping for a resolution to this ever coming. Tell the remaining juniors they can keep their leagues, and remain outside the pyramid, but invite clubs to join a WoS league in the pyramid. If enough juniors move immediately then great. If not, move a couple sides from East and South over to West to even up the numbers. Am I missing something or is it basically that simple?
  2. Can’t compare women’s football with juniors. The reason women’s football is developing rapidly is because investment is starting to trickle into it, and it allows more professionalism. The only reason women’s football was getting less coverage or attention is literally because of structural sexism - women’s football was banned here *because it was too popular*, and the men saw it as a threat. Thankfully now people are realising the immense growth potential of this and other women’s sports. If anything, Junior clubs with ambition could be exploring opportunities to set up a women’s team, and establish themselves as a top-flight club in the women’s game sooner than they can do so in the men’s. The former being useful in helping towards the latter, through greater brand recognition.
  3. First time I’ve heard junior football cited as an argument in favour of road building. Imagine what we could do with a functioning and expanded rail and bus network... [emoji16]
  4. Would it be daft to suggest Tayside be included in EoS, and that EoS be regionalised further itself with conferences (informally if not enough teams for a clean divisional split)?
  5. Very glad you posted this because I had assumed everyone was talking about dogging.
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