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  1. Yes a tough welcome to the First for the relegated sides. Whitehill looked to have a shocker, but I note they have already moved to sign a new goalkeeper after conceding 5. I'm going to spread my bets by saying I fancy a team starting DUN to do well this season...
  2. That website is older than time, Wayne has been away for ages.
  3. Yes if you look at the defence from last season to this it's Hare from Linlithgow Rose and Redpath and Allan in from Leith isn't it? Not lost anyone at the back? Midfield the most impressive in the one game I saw was Shaun Miller who was tenacious, I thought Congalton looked lightweight as is LIAM Gregory who I've seen over the years at Musselburgh. I like big Dawson but will he score the goals that Jones did? Hopkinson has had more clubs than Nick Faldo. Leaves a lot on the lad Edmond who has had a few injuries. If you can get over your issues in Fife I am sure it will be a good season.
  4. An exciting signing. Hopefully a few more to follow, we start back in a couple of weeks and it would be good to get the boys bedded in before it all kicks off properly.
  5. I am sure I heard the Chairman and Vice Chairman both put significant money into the club last season. I am not sure if that has continued this year but I agree the maths look difficult to believe if the Board are not putting money in... the ground improvements overall must be closer to £150k than £90k and then there are players who were on £150pw at Linlithgow who I cannot imagine are the sort to take a pay cut... If they haven't put money in they must be very skilled at loaves and fishes... Either way good luck to Dunbar next season and we hope to see you back in the Premier League next season. I look forward to having one of the outstanding pies in your new stand at some point next season.
  6. Surprised at that one , they went down last season?
  7. Any more signings I heard two of Jones team mates were also heading to Olivebank?
  8. Noticed plenty Tweets about new signings and some good pedigrees as well, and now the stand is going up and their are ground improvements happening? Did Dunbar win the lottery?
  9. This has to be the most epic end of season ever when , with three games left, teams placed 9th+ could still potentially be relegated. The most likely candidates to join WW and Camelon look to be Nitten and LTHV - could you imagine clubs of this size being relegated a few years ago? The league is all set for major change with the West Lothian sides coming in, the shape of the PL will be different in a few years but it could also be quite incredible to have all the big East Lothian sides in the PL.
  10. Missed the game at the weekend, was watching the Arbroath win to setup quite an incredible end of season for ex Musselburgh man Mikey McKenna. We had our POTY with Mikey picking it up! Lots of changes planned at Musselburgh in the summer? I heard six or seven are away. Is Mattu still retiring?
  11. Bookies would say so I suspect , I’ll take Andy Rodger’s for a goal.
  12. Ah, ok, yes agreed this is the likely scenario. I don’t fancy an East meets West play off …
  13. I don't think anyone is blaming Geoff, I think I and others were merely highlighting that the issues at Dunbar run deeper than the manager(s) as Geoff won one game last season. Kevin started brightly but has stuttered at best. I suspect the challenges of attracting Premier League standard players to travel to Dunbar is more of the challenge and perhaps their budget is too low to play at this level. Who know's but what I do know is pretty factual - neither manager has a great track record in the Premier League with the club.
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