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  1. I would agree that this is a game we really need to win to get things going again. Not sure if starting with 2 strikers is necessarily the answer as it would mean other good players either not playing or playing out of position. Connell has to start and it would be great to have Baynham back as an option off the bench as Mchugh offers nothing at the moment.
  2. Did it occur to you that the club might have more than one of the armbands? The Wattenscheid guys have sent over several through the years and i even have one at home. I saw Doyle give away the band and thought it was a great gesture to mark our first home league game with fans for a long time.
  3. Any season ticket holders get the email yet?
  4. I had a season ticket last year but will not be going to either of the home cup games. I am sure with the school holidays, covid and people not wanting to go without family/friends there will be dozens of tickets going unused. Are the club seriously not going to make any attempt to get these tickets into the hands of fans who have been waiting so long to see their team live? Treating the lifeblood of the club with utter contempt.
  5. Craig Slater the first confirmed departure (from his Twitter). A very good player but just not available often enough to justify another contract.
  6. Another 3 points but an utterly abject performance all round considering the good form we have been in. A horrible looking injury for Quitongo as well. Will require a much improved display against Edinburgh if we are to maintain our unbeaten record.
  7. I understand people want to know everything that is going on with the players but as a club we haven't given out detailed injury updates going back to Gus taking over so it is not exactly new. It is also possible the absences could be Covid related with either a positive test or self isolation and would be totally understandable for the club keep that information in house. Hopefully the available squad will get the job done and keep up the momentum.
  8. I remember missing most of the Burscough game because of traffic on the M6 on my drive up from Coventry. Not quite sure what the score was but Ryan Scobie definitely scored the winning goal. Remember Barrow being a shitehole and I think we lost 0-2.
  9. Probably because the first two Betfred games are away at Partick Thistle and away at Morton.
  10. Think it will be Gillespie and maybe the ex Motherwell left back Livingstone.
  11. He has signed for a team called Saint-Pierre Milizac back home in France.
  12. Jamieson had a fine season after making the step up from the Juniors but it has been pretty clear from the start that Mckinnon has his own ideas about players and what he looks for. As far as I can recall there have been hardly any players who have recently been released by Queen's and gone on to have good careers in Scottish football. Will be interesting to see if Jamieson or even Moore can change that.
  13. With Joffrey and Calvin Mcgrory announcing their departure from the club on twitter, I imagine we can expect an official announcement of everyone who is leaving pretty soon. Will be interesting to see when we start to announce incoming players but I expect the club would hold off until there is more concrete info on the format and start date of the new season. I am sure the rumours will start flying in the meantime!
  14. Potentially some tough decisions to be made in the next few weeks. Roberts is definitely under pressure now despite the good form in November. Defeat to Stenny would be the last straw for me. If Roberts is to stay then we will have to look at adding some quality to the squad in January to try to keep us away from a relegation dogfight.
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