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  1. Probably because the first two Betfred games are away at Partick Thistle and away at Morton.
  2. Think it will be Gillespie and maybe the ex Motherwell left back Livingstone.
  3. He has signed for a team called Saint-Pierre Milizac back home in France.
  4. Jamieson had a fine season after making the step up from the Juniors but it has been pretty clear from the start that Mckinnon has his own ideas about players and what he looks for. As far as I can recall there have been hardly any players who have recently been released by Queen's and gone on to have good careers in Scottish football. Will be interesting to see if Jamieson or even Moore can change that.
  5. With Joffrey and Calvin Mcgrory announcing their departure from the club on twitter, I imagine we can expect an official announcement of everyone who is leaving pretty soon. Will be interesting to see when we start to announce incoming players but I expect the club would hold off until there is more concrete info on the format and start date of the new season. I am sure the rumours will start flying in the meantime!
  6. Potentially some tough decisions to be made in the next few weeks. Roberts is definitely under pressure now despite the good form in November. Defeat to Stenny would be the last straw for me. If Roberts is to stay then we will have to look at adding some quality to the squad in January to try to keep us away from a relegation dogfight.
  7. Fantastic result in the end today. Apart from a well taken goal from Purdue we were poor in the first half with too many panicked clearances and sloppy passes. Fortunate to be ahead at half time but credit to Roberts and the players for a much inproved second half where we played much higher up the park and defended more convincingly. Terrific goal from Salim who grows in stature and importance with every game.
  8. Expecting a tough game against an Edinburgh team we always seem to struggle against. It might be an old fashioned cliche but the first goal will be crucial. In the 7 games we have scored first this season we have 6 wins and 1 draw as opposed to no wins, 4 draws and 6 defeats when we concede first. Hopefully Salim can get us off the mark early like last week and set us on the road to victory.
  9. I think the fact that we already have 4 or 5 different lineups/formations being suggested tells its own story. Nobody really knows our optimal lineup and tactics at the moment. Roberts needs to find the answers soon. Personally think a move to a back 4 is the way to go and i would go 4231 with Grant Jamieson Little Clark Joffrey Block Moore Thompson Galt Kouider-Aissa
  10. Needed to add some proven talent to my roster and i think it is a fair price. The long rebuild of this orphan team has begun!
  11. I am always happy to take on another team. New to p&b but a keen season long and dynasty player.
  12. Wasn't there myself but i am told it was a comfortable 2-0 win despite missing 2 second half penalties. Galt scored a free kick and the second was from corner but not sure who got the goal. Starting line up was Muir Little Gibson Jamieson Mortimer Block Mcgrory Clark Agyemang Galt Moore Block played well in the middle and the new defenders were very strong in the air. Kouider Aissa had both pens saved.
  13. Lost 2-0 to a strong Ayr United team at Lesser. Encouraging display though with some of the new players looking promising particularly on the wings. Starting team was 3421 Muir Magee Gibson Little (largs) Grant Mcgrory Thompson( youth) Clark Galt Purdew (Morton) Kouider-Aissa (Kilsyth) Moore , Mortimer, Martin among those who came off the bench in the second half. For a first outing i was pretty encouraged but hopefully we can add an experienced centre midfielder before the real stuff starts.
  14. I imagine that all of the players to re-sign have now been announced so the potential team currently looks like this Tbc (Muir/Crawford) Grant Foy Gibson TBC Mcgrory Magee TBC Galt Moore Martin Clearly a left back and a couple of natural centre mids are needed as well as depth across all positions. At least 8 players needed plus some of the u21s stepping up. Hopefully this week will see things being confirmed. At the moment my biggest concerns would be lack of experience and who will get the goals.
  15. Shocking that subsidised transport is not available for these games. Fair enough if the game was somewhere in Glasgow but Airdrie is awkward to get to by public transport. Fans being hit in the pocket for something out of their control.
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