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  1. The return to the classic Friday night fixture. The BBC seem to be totally obsessed with this fixture, but it clears the Saturday for the Scotland game this time at least. Doolan has made a pretty good start with us, unbeaten in six and five clean sheets. Hoping we have Milne back for this one.
  2. Take it our business for this window is done then, unless anybody has heard anything else?
  3. Thistle sign defender Connor McAvoy on loan from Fulham.
  4. Both sides have cup duty today before this tie, but I’m looking forward to getting back to league action, especially after the Dundee call off last week. Will we have any signings in before this game, not holding my breath with how this window is shaping up finance wise. Just win please Thistle. Thank you.
  5. When originally looking at the fixtures did not expect this game to be 1st vs 2nd. We were frustrating at times today but came out with the win which is the main thing. Looking forward to this one, expecting an end to end game. Watched the Ayr vs Dundee game on telly last week and Ayr looked very impressive in that, especially Akinyemi who we will need to try our best to keep quiet. We have played quite a lot of good stuff this season and have good depth in our squad so hopefully we can pick up a big three points.
  6. Would assume we will have an unchanged side for this outside of fitness/injuries after how well the team did last night. Would be huge if we could get a run together as league results have been mixed so far, but on our day this squad can play some great stuff.
  7. I unexpectedly had the most accurate prediction last season, which likely means I’ll be miles off it this time round but here goes. 1- Thistle (I have a feeling we may end up in second but I’m being bias) 2- Dundee 3- Inverness 4- Cove 5- Raith Rovers 6- Arbroath 7- Morton 8- Queens Park (have the potential to be completely wrong with this one) 9- Hamilton 10- Ayr
  8. I’ve noticed his name coming up a few times of late. Possibly just fan chat, but if there is anything behind it I would not be adverse to seeing him sign. Like you said he could certainly be an asset in this league.
  9. I said a while ago McCall has done enough to justify keeping his job. Last season the goal was to win the league, despite being chronic at times we achieved that goal so McCall rightly stayed in his position. This season the goal was realistically to get top four. We achieved that despite being bad to watch a lot of the second half of the season, so once again McCall has achieved the goal this season so for me rightly keeps his job. Next season the goal will likely be the title from the outset, we will have to wait and see how that goes.
  10. Did not expect to have the most accurate prediction when I made that. I’ll happily take it, as the last time I partook in the championship prediction in 19/20 I had Thistle as 3rd and we ended up 10th ha! Thanks for taking the time to tally it all up mate.
  11. I am of course bias, but I believe Tiffoney deserves the nomination. I’d say O’Brien should win it though. Tiffoney can have off weeks like any player and our pitch does not help him, but more often than not he beats his man and is an exciting player to watch. He has dragged us through games at his time with us, so it’s why Thistle fans do rate him highly. I’m sure some people will disagree, but I believe he could get into any team in this league if I’m honest.
  12. I’d take Adeloye from Ayr. The guy has hit double figures and we could use a second striker who can hit around 10 a season to help Graham after Rudden leaving.
  13. We looked better against Arbroath, I would be happy to see the same team line up in this one. We can’t be dropping many more points if we are realistically wanting to stay in the top four.
  14. Pretty entertaining game to watch on television. Morton unlucky not to be ahead.
  15. Five games to go and miraculously, despite our recent form, we are still in the top four. It has been discussed every time we play Arbroath how poor our record is against them, since they have been in the championship we have drawn twice and lost on four occasions. I would say surely it’s time to beat them, but we are on a four game losing streak so am I at all confident? No. Despite all this I am going to ask kindly, Thistle please just win a game of football. Thank you.
  16. As infuriating and abysmal the last two to three games have been, we are still somehow in 4th place. If we manage to remain within the top 4 then McCall has done enough to earn another season in my opinion. It’s hardly been a shocking season, however, there have been some big issues of late. The way I look at it is we were shite for a lot of last season, but in the end we achieved our goal by winning the league, so McCall rightly earned himself another season as manager. So, if we finish in the top 4, as a club who has just come up from the third tier, we would have achieved what was realistically our pre season goal. There needs to be some surgery to the squad in summer, certain areas of the pitch in particular that come to mind is full backs, wingers (we may have to prepare for Tiffoney leaving) and another 10+ goal a season striker that we lost in Rudden.
  17. I definitely don’t believe graham is just going to waltz back in and save the day. He is on something like a six game goalless run right now. My point was more he is a player who demands high standards and recently we have looked to be quite frank weak and pathetic. A voice like Graham’s on the pitch is something we are missing right now. Having Tiffoney back even not at 100% is always a good thing for us, but when the rest of the team don’t even look like trying and we don’t have a striker in the box for him to link up with then he isn’t as effective. (Through no fault of his own)
  18. Can have zero complaints that Dunfermline got the three points tonight. We were completely the architects of our own downfall tonight. The number of unforced errors was tragic. It is now a fight for us to remain in the play offs, we are lucky to have not already dropped out of them with three straight defeats. Hopefully the remaining absent players return including Graham who can whip some of the slacking players into shape for the rest of the run in. For Dunfermline, will you stay up? Personally I don’t know if I truly believe anyone is doomed, anyone can beat anyone on their day in this league and you have given yourselves a platform to at least finish in 9th. It’s by no means over.
  19. I thought that was an entertaining game for the neutral. Dunfermline should have probably won it but just couldn’t take enough of their chances, that couple with the questionable keeping in the first half may share an insight into their struggles this season.
  20. We have not played well in our last two games, yet we have picked up six points and have not conceded, so we can’t have many complaints. Last time out against Morton we just couldn’t stick the ball in the net and got punished for it. Once again, another scrappy one nil win will do Thistle. Thank you.
  21. After last nights huge three points we have got to make use of our remaining two games in hand. Not seen much of Queens this season expect against us and the odd TV game, but I’m led to believe they have picked up a bit of late under Gibson. Really important game for both sides. With us fighting for any chance left at the title and Queens fighting for survival, I expect a tight game. I would take another scrappy 1-0 Thistle win similar to Friday night all day, as long as we get the three points.
  22. Very hard league to call but I’ll go for, Arbroath to win the league Killie or Thistle in the play off finals Dunfermline 9th Queen of the South 10th
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