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  1. One of 2 games on next Saturday during Scottish cup week. Neither side with a win in their last 4 league games and currently at 1 win each in our previous meetings this season. Feel more confident in our defence from Fridays showing and Graham clearly can score at this level.
  2. I think Austin will not be at the club come the end of this window. Expect jones to stay though. He at least has scored a couple of goals and I think will contribute a few more before the end of the season.
  3. Play like yesterday and we are in for another doing from Ayr and Forrest and Moffat running riot with our defence. Our TV game record is appalling also. Attendance will no doubt be poor due to timing, the game being on tv and us being pish.
  4. Was a player who should’ve been a good signing for us but never played to the full potential expected. Was also part of that awful team for the first half of last season, so didn’t exactly have great players around him. Off field issues and a random stint abroad has been his career recently so who knows what his level is now.
  5. Is Jai Quitongo actually linked with you guys or is it a joke?
  6. Reportedly Thistle are signing Darian MacKinnon next week. Not sure if it’s permanently or on loan.
  7. He should be a decent signing for you. He’s honestly not a bad player but just never managed to nail down a place.
  8. We do, we just draw the old firm pretty much every year. So never make the semis. It’s great.
  9. In decent form recently and should’ve won today if not for an inspired goalkeeping performance. Up against a Dundee United side who is running away with this league and I can’t say I’m feeling confident. Draws looking pretty good.
  10. I think that would more likely be Tidser if that rumour is true.
  11. Believe me I feel that. I agree with you it’s so frustrating watching players who look like they don’t care. The amount of players that we have had in the last 3 seasons who haven’t wanted to fight for the badge and look uninterested in the situation we have found ourselves in. All I meant is skill level wise I feel he could do a job for you.
  12. We mainly played De Vita in the middle. Didn’t work out for him at us. Scored one great goal at Morton and one in the challenge cup. To be fair the majority of his appearances was during our worst spell. But he isn’t the same player he was at Livingston before his injury. However feel he would be decent at league 1 level.
  13. Must win for the Jags. Now Cole has extended his loan. 10-5
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