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  1. I feel due to the fact we haven’t been in the same league for some time until now the derby feeling has faded. However, I like the idea of the rivalry returning as it would give us a fixture to look forward to. As previously mentioned two of the games this season are well timed as well with the opening day and New Years. Due to our huge slide over the last 3 seasons we now find ourselves in the same league so that derby feeling on match days will begin to resurface I think.
  2. Hopefully see a few more signings in the next few weeks, still some key areas that need covered. Made a good start to the window regardless.
  3. Thistle signed Connor Murray from Queen of the south
  4. There’s no way this is passing unfortunately I think At least we know when the kits are being released
  5. Have to wait and see with a few of these players regarding if they are off. On paper that squad looks good with a few additions needed
  6. The ability is there but the inconsistency overshadows it
  7. After fox’s departure yesterday who do we think is likely to be joining him?
  8. Some contracts up as it’s the 1st of June, possibly a released players announcement today?
  9. Who does everyone think we will keep from the current squad for next season?
  10. Anyone who was signed in the summer may have a relegation release clause, especially after last season. Docherty did say that he would still come to us in a newspaper interview, hopefully a few others stay for a spine of a team.
  11. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/sport/18455659.amp/ good read with Dools
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