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  1. McDaid should do a job for us at this level, we do lack pace out wide which he can offer. His arrival and Spittal playing for County this week makes it look like Spittal is not coming back.
  2. Thistle have signed Declan McDaid on loan from Dundee until the end of the season.
  3. Hasn’t been mentioned yet but Salim Kouider-Aissa‘s loan with Thistle has been terminated and he has returned to Livingston.
  4. Was great for us for three seasons. In his fourth and final season in which we were relegated he was injured for half of it and was poor for most of when he played. He has floated about multiple clubs since leaving us and I couldn’t tell you his level now, but he didn’t look great when he played against us for Falkirk and Queen of The South.
  5. What’s the opinions, will the season will be null and voided? Pushed back? Points per game? Whatever happens it will likely be messy.
  6. I’m not sure if they will null and void it though as if the Premiership and championship continue promotions and relegations will continue with them too. Unless there is no relegation from the championship this season. They may do a points per game again. Can’t wait for that debacle all over again if that’s the route they choose to go down.
  7. Could very easily be more than three weeks unfortunately. Is that the season done for?
  8. Falkirk 1-1 Montrose Clyde 0-2 East Fife Dumbarton 0-0 Forfar Thistle 2-0 Cove Peterhead 1-3 Airdrie
  9. Bonnyrigg gave a very good showing of themselves tonight against a full time outfit who are three divisions above them. In fairness Dundee had the better of the game and spurned a good few chances, but you have to really feel for Bonnyrigg. Mark Weir was also outstanding tonight despite spilling the shot for the winner which added insult to injury. Overall an entertaining watch as a neutral.
  10. This. Plus the constant comings and goings at boardroom level have been disruptive and the whole takeover saga with Chin Lee.
  11. Whether this game will be on due to the weather is yet to be known.
  12. Where is this coming from? Not overly surprised though, as previously mentioned Niang has come in and looked the real deal in the centre of defence and has recently signed a new deal.
  13. The game has been rescheduled to Tuesday 19th of January with a 7:30PM kick off.
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