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  1. Clyde 1-0 Forfar Cove 3-0 Montrose East Fife 1-2 Airdrie Falkirk 2-0 Peterhead Thistle 3-0 Dumbarton
  2. We attacked pretty well today, again though we need to be scoring more goals as we had the chances to do so and there’s always the possibility of throwing away a one goal lead. The defence was solid and that’s our third clean sheet in a row. Overall a pleasing performance and a good result, need to carry this into Dumbarton at Firhill next week and the following games to gain some momentum.
  3. I know he kept mispronouncing Penrice, but I thought the commentator was good to be fair.
  4. A good first half showing. Just need to be a bit more clinical with our attacks in the second half.
  5. The Twitter and Facebook post is for a Thistle fan who lives in Australia, Ben Goodwin. Who is having major surgery tomorrow which is his only chance at survival. He makes music and requested for his song to be played at Firhill which it was at the last match. If you check the main fan run Thistle Facebook page there have been posts by Ben Goodwin about it there.
  6. Airdrie 1-0 Cove East Fife 3-0 Clyde Montrose 0-2 Thistle Peterhead 0-0 Forfar
  7. We have a chance to go on a good run in our next fixtures. After yesterday’s comfortable win we should be looking to try propel ourselves up the table. I don’t know too much about Montrose’s squad but their form is the same us ours so far this season, I expect a tough game. A return to Links Park for Lyons and Niang. Niang will likely start as he performed well yesterday at centre half, Lyons will most likely be on the bench.
  8. I have been surprised at East Fife’s start to the league so far, I thought you would be pushing for the playoffs and spending most of the season around 5th/4th. You appeared to recruit well in summer, especially the signing of Swanson and your manager has received high praise in the past. Of course it is only five games in, but you seems pretty toothless in attack today and didn’t really threaten us at all apart from a 10 minute spell. It could be to do with how we played today though as I thought we marshalled the midfield well.
  9. Wright has been solid, I have been impressed with him overall. He didn’t have anything to really do today but that is another clean sheet for him.
  10. Overall a very comfortable win. If we are serious about going up we need to be winning these kinds of games, especially when at home. Graham was outstanding today, his second goal was lovely. Happy with how everyone played today.
  11. He may be a left back but I’ll tell you what else he is. An injured left back.
  12. Where did he say this? Surely he must see we need reinforcements?
  13. It’s way behind a joke at this point, we are in a complete injury crises right now.
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