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  1. Listening to "How to be a conservative" by Roger Scruton.
  2. Some bad footwork on display here
  3. Not really, appears hes well known for predatory behaviour (banned from.drinking at SNP events). We have someone in the paper today whose account of him homing in on him is almost a replica of a post further up the page from someone who experienced the same. That type of behaviour doesnt occur in a vacuum. People turn a blind eye to it.
  4. Provos. I am sure the police are fully aware of who they are.
  5. The trivial pish that people accuse you of lying about on this page is baffling. Do you not think these people live and work around people that post on here?....
  6. I know some of the individuals in the photo. I know of their involvement in the Republican movement during the 80s and 90s.
  7. Hardly paranoid to think that a section of the population who are regarded as "scum" may be disadvantaged in some way should the other sect gain the wherewithal to do so...
  8. The Scottish branch of the IRA marching freely, the denigration of anyone who supports the opposition party as "scum" are quite concerning.
  9. How inclusive... What treatment do you suggest should be meted out to the 690,000 Tory voting Scots in unlikely event you ever achieve Scexit?
  10. I live in an SNP/ Labour marginal. However, as much as I would like to get rid of the current SNP MP I can not bring myself to play any part in allowing Corbyn get near number 10. I will spoil my paper now.
  11. Was veering towards voting Tory but if that fat shite bag doesnt face Neil there is no way they'll get my vote.
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