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  1. Hope every single one we have compensated for, outrageous
  2. Hope Raith rovers claim the smoke bomb damage and broken seats, I am utterly outraged
  3. Reckon allans wages are still getting payed? I bloody hope not
  4. What’s the chances off the game getting called off? Heading through on the train and don’t want a wasted journey
  5. Number 3 for Celtic academy and either starts or gets subbed on at left back every game he plays on the academy page
  6. Rumour has it it is a left back from Celtic called brody Patterson
  7. I predict a 4-1 win against Clyde and the south stand boys to light up 2 more flares in protest
  8. True, just think the young boys shouldn’t be given all the praise in the world for 24 hours after the game then have their heads called for after a statement from the club, I don’t think a ban is necessary as they do a world of good for the club
  9. Must of been an accident as do not recall supporting that mate
  10. Excactly, and since there were so many people in such a tight space it wouldn’t be a surprise if that were the case and in my opinion has no warrant for a ban
  11. Still don’t understand how fans can call for all involved to be banned, this will just lead to them finding another team to support and everyone sitting in silence once again, all over a smoke bomb and what may could be accidental breaking of seats. Unbelievable
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