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  1. According to mcglynns raith TV interview he will miss next 2 weeks due to holidays
  2. Munro McKay Nando Bene MacDonald Matthews Spencer Anderson Hendry Victoria Bowie Although Ive put Bowie up top (where he played for reserves) reckon its more likely to be Allan as a starter and for me although pretty happy either way as both have had a good pre season.
  3. McDonald hasn't convinced me going forward to be honest. The way the team has been set out throughout the friendlies looks like we are expecting the full backs to push on and the lad only made a 20 min appearance about seemed quicker and more willing to overlap and deliver crosses. Don't get me wrong I actually prefer McDonald to Crane as he was suspect going forward and at the back where as McDonald at least looks to be positionally aware and able to tackle.
  4. I'd agree with this Bowie looks good for a few goals but seems to be getting played out wide so someone to play through the centre if Allan doesn't find his scoring touch wouldn't harm us.
  5. Liked what I saw from rovers tonight, never been a fan of one up top but system seemed to worked well and the combination of Hendry, Matthew's and Spencer looks good. Have to agree that so far i like the look of the recruitment and while the wild card recruitment of Nando may yet face sterner test he certainly has the attributes to succeed with a little guidance. Great to see Bowie being so confident watched slot of him in the reserves last year and was always impressed, felt he did well in his full debut against Montrose as well at the end of last season despite missing a sitter. If he continues to progress in the current direction could well be a very good player for years to come.
  6. Bit poor if the boy is taking stick on twitter to be fair, short memories in football though especially if you move to a local rival. Signings have been fair imo would hope they would still make another couple of permanant signings and these where already in the pipeline before people leaving was confirmed.
  7. I was hoping we'd have announced Lyness was away by now tbh
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