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  1. Looking at the Albion squad, I would think your budget will be closer to the lowest that the highest, I may be wrong. Cowdenbeath will be higher end, from some insider knowledge i know this is true. Cove have a huge budget and will win the league.
  2. First foreigner I think maybe Guido Van De Kamp, played early 2000's, we had Giacomo Lonzi, Italian Striker in the 90's, but dont think he ever played in the first team. Willie Irvine got 99 goals I am sure. A**hole - Gary McGlynn or Steve Robertson - Two horrible keepers and people!
  3. Not sure of his position, jesus christ! He is a Central midfield player, but we have a huge amount of options in that area, still feel he will get a chance soon when back fit. McCrorie is not a right back, but would be good to get Fredericks, as he is playing at a high level and looks a decent player, better than O'Donnell imo. I think McGregor has to be in the team as well, instead of Armstrong who gets nowhere near his club side.
  4. Bit unlucky i think, under JG he would have played every week as he played with 2 wide men, but Grant was trying to play him as a midfielder and it's not his position. Will have no problem finding a club, hopefully Grant freeing up space for a free agent.
  5. Was his debut as well, Blair Malcolm, was at Cowdenbeath last year. Played in our reserves on Monday night and replaced the suspended Hetherington and by all accounts had a great game.
  6. Says a 2 year deal somewhere i read it, apparently tracked by a few FT teams, maybe Cowden fans best to give an opinion.
  7. It is frustrating that the build up to this game is dominated by this debate, I used to love these games, but I don't even think I will go tonight as I think the £18 is crazy. I also agree with some other posters that the format of this competition is poor, need to go back to the old format for me of knockout ties.
  8. Peter Grant after defeat in Penalty Shoot-Out Obviously disappointed at outcome of tonight’s game but not the performance, the goals were disappointing, we had spoke about losing goals especially the second one, I had noticed in the Livingston game last week about our marking, I wasn’t happy with that, so we spoke about that and then conceded again tonight, “Robbo” apologised he is still a young man learning the game but we need that concentration level. In general play, I thought we played a lot of good stuff but losing three goals from three set plays which we had spoken about, we shouldn’t be losing three goals from set plays and every goal we scored we had to work hard for. We had a lot of young boys on the bench this evening who had earned that opportunity; we are still looking to bring in new guys, which are important to build the group up which is important. The cup is important for us, we want to win every game we play, that never changes and we will look to go and put out on a similar performances with the ball at Hibernian, but we need to be tougher with the ball and be hard to beat, we need to keep playing that way moving and turning the ball over but at set Plays, 80% in Championship are scored at set plays. So pleased with generally our play but need to cut out silly mistakes. Peter Grant Alloa Athletic FCManager Found the comment about Robbo being a young man and learning the game strange, he is 30 and has played over 400 games as a pro! Also, not sure where he has pulled the 80% of set piece goals from, can that be true?
  9. Not started well for JG at St Mirren, 3-0 down at HT to the Pars!!
  10. Quite happy with Grant good reputation, managed at a pretty high level and been involved with national team.
  11. So if you had one choice who would it be I like the Hartley shout personally, he knows the club and some of the squad should be an easy enough transition.
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