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  1. Hopefully a teamsheet will be published tonight giving a few more details of playing squad
  2. Not heard anything although dean was keen to bring him back as hibs are releasing him
  3. Darren smith now away, disappointing. RE the financial stuff, only what has been said by others, not my personal opinions etc
  4. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]didn’t even think of that when making account, no idea tbh but from what I was told a lot of money was spent, biggest budget ever for the club. Still don’t think he should have been sacked however
  5. Also spent far more than he was supposed to, hence the player of the year awards being held at the club as opposed to elsewhere (where it’s been every other season)
  6. Do you think they’ll publish any details?
  7. https://www.gfrfc.co.uk/single-post/2019/05/23/NEW-GFR-MANAGEMENT-RESTRUCTURE-ANNOUNCED
  8. He’ll be nowhere near netherdale anyway, shows maybe once a season.
  9. Official announcement of Hastings either tonight or tomorrow.
  10. Different to Selkirk situation in that the club doesn’t have large debts, so doubt that kind of thing however the team that is assembled will almost certainly struggle in the league
  11. Ricky miller, Reece Donaldson and Sandy Cunningham are all definitely away, along with Ryan Stevenson (although he is still in a protective boot so perhaps not a huge loss)
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