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  1. What happened today on a "proper football pitch"? Good 3-1 win for the Hoose against Stoneyburn.
  2. We are a small town, the village of Fauldhouse. Nothing wrong with that. For the size of the village we have done not too bad until recently, and have held our own against bigger clubs like Bathgate Whitburn and Armadale. Something has gone wrong in the last couple of years though and we deserve to be told what.
  3. According to the fans pages on FB sounds like the club is in some disarray with talk of some players away and wholesale changes in committee. What is happening at the club? I've never known things to be as bad as this. The same happened to us last year.
  4. Are supporters allowed in? Might take a run down.
  5. Blackburn above Fauldhouse? database must be faulty.
  6. I'm sure you realised that your post would invite the usual suspects to respond to tell us how bad junior football is, and that it's much better to be in a pyramid system that is setup to make promotion difficult if not impossible. They didn't disappoint.
  7. What's budgie Smuggler on about in the other thread?
  8. The location, access and parking are not suitable for the big crowds they can expect in the EOS league in my opinion
  9. Its not their ambition i'm criticising. Its their park
  10. thats i place i won't miss going to. surely Kennoways park and particularly the access to it, aren't good enough standard for the pyramid
  11. sorry to hear your leaving. hope theres no truth in the rumour I heard that you are going to whitburn?
  12. If only we had stayed at our old ground instead of moving to park View.
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