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  1. F*** me! 2 a.m. Sunday/Monday & I'm pished as f*** and just read this thread for a laugh. I was in Hungary a couple of years back. That Prime Minister of theirs, Orban Viktor, has some great ideas. I lived in Putney in London many years ago. Gwendolen Avenue. There was a Tourist Board blue plaque on a house about six along from mine. It was to commemorate the Czechoslovakian leader, Edvard Benes. He had some even better ideas than Orban. Europe ought to re-adopt the Benes Decrees extensively... starting with some free train tickets to Holyhead, with onward ferry connections, for quite a lot of posters on this thread. I quite like Ben's videos generally, but he did exceptionally well to capture the specky, balding gobscheidt with the erectile dysfunction problem. A pity neither Polis Glesca nor a Benes Decrees Immigration Service are unlikely to capture the welt. Difficult not to at least hum "The Famine Song" to myself even reading this thread, while watching Specky makes me want to buy Michael Stone a drink.
  2. Hibs unlikely to have their winter of discontent turned glorious summer by this son of York they have in dugout.
  3. Racing Post tips in today's paper are Ross, Peterhead & Airdrie.
  4. Well, that was £20 donated to Bet365. The fat, inbred, bad-tempered Tassie bogan averaged 83... which was still a point-&-a-half better than Snakebite😲... but Wright won 6-4. The player who had bookies running scared as he recorded eye-watering averages when beating Phil Taylor Down Under and winning that UK Open qualifier seems to have vanished. In the same way the player who tore Tav a new ersehole at Hampden three years ago has vanished. Do they play darts in Iran? Is Cadby maybe related to Anthony Stokes? They share a few traits. Including problems acquiring visas and whacking people in bars. Damon Heta averaged a tick under 100 in pumping James Wade 6-1. He was 9/4 to repeat last week's win over Helen Chamberlain's ex-toyboy. Not quite as good value as Accies at double those odds to repeat last week's win over Killie, but not bad nonetheless. Five 180s in seven legs and 6/8 on doubles. Respectable MvG average in caning an Ocker; less reapectable Cross average in doing likewise. Under 100% books on two of tomorrow's QF's, before the arbers move in and the prices come into line. Heta 31/10 v. Cross - the biggest price of anyone in the last eight, despite beating him last week. That looks worth a bet. There's some 4/11 about Cross and even a bit of 2/5. The alleged spoonburner (not Anthony Stokes) is 7/4 v. MvG and that could be value too. MvG a best 8/15. Gurney 8/15 and Whitlock 13/8. The other arb is Wright as big as 1/2 v. Barney with Sky and Betfair, while Hill's go 23/10 Barney. Free money is just so tedious. Especially in invitational tournaments and glorified exhibitions.
  5. True. I've not been through Kelty in 30 years... and there are parts of Fife where that witticism would be more apt... so it was a below-the-belt and un-necessary comment... but it was an open goal and I couldn'r resist it. 🙄
  6. Big Kyle misses two darts to level up at 4-4 and the staunch Ulsterman wins 6-3. The alleged spoonburner whitewashes an Ocker. Whitlock through comfortably. I've had £20 on the fat, inbred, bad-tempered Tassie bogan at 33/1. He was only 34 on Betfair. About to get underway v. Snakebite just now. They really ought to introduce a whole new bunch of sharks into the Bass Strait to stop Tasmanians making it to the mainland. (Europe could do worse than adopt a similar policy in the Med.)
  7. Aye! I thought that. "Parents"? In Kelty? Didnae think the bairns had any. At least none that they knew.
  8. The token invitee/retiree Barney averages 106 in wiping the floor with the token invitee/Maori. Superchin & Big Kyle about to toe the oche. Gurney may be value for the event but Anderson arguably value at 15/8 for this match.
  9. Co nor McN****r at it again, I see. Some lads should be gelded. Kindest thing to do. It annoys the hell out of me that Mayweather & the boxing authorities allowed him a fight. Without that money he'd be back in a craphole in Crumlin inside five years, struggling to make a living as a plumber between bouts of drug abuse. May still happen anyway. I live in hope.
  10. They are not invitational, at least as far as I know. The PDC lot are invited to play, but the top 8 appear to be pressured to go down there to some extent. (Top 7 as Barney is on a farewell global tour.) Melbourne in August is not Barbados. The locals have to qualify through various tournaments. You can say anything other than an open event is "invitational."
  11. Finding a sponsor outwith the Bunco Booth industry might be difficult... but I'd take odds of 1/10 that Doncaster will be slated wildly whoever the sponsor is and whatever the deal might be.
  12. Hmmm! As someone who used to work in the betting industry when it was about gambling, for the Tote and Mecca, I must beg to differ. Bookmaking is an honourable occupation. It involves making a book and profits are dependent on the accuracy of the analysis of a variety of information that resulted in that book being made. If mistakes have been made, informed gamblers will take down a bookmaker's pants. "Bunco Booth" schemes that provide guaranteed, risk-free profits from numbers rackets and glorified one-armed bandits have nothing to do with bookmaking and arguably nothing to do with gambling. They are targeted at the downtrodden, the desperate and the destitute and are played in disproportionate numbers by vulnerable people of low intelligence and mental instability. Numbers rackets that provide risk-free profits for private companies should be banned. Such schemes should be solely for the good of charitable causes or a mechanism through which the government raises money. All the big firms of modern so-called "bookmakers" are gutless, parasitic vermin. Personally, I'd nationalise off-course bookmaking tomorrow.
  13. It was on at lunchtime on Saturday. Brisbane is 9 hours ahead. So is Melbourne. Ideal time to watch before going to football, though I had to head off to a game before the semis. It's live on Bet365, amongst other places. $35,000 for two days' work is a fair wedge to an Aussie, so the locals will be trying. I doubt anyone forced the leading players to go. Bully Boy, Price and Suljovic aren't down there. I doubt those that have gone over will be drinking 20 tinnies of Castlemaine XXXX or Foster's on a daily basis, pigging-out on Tim-Tams with Vegemite, surfing, watching AFL or NRL, sticking shrimps and abos on the barbie or watching box DVD sets of Neighbours, Skippy, Prisoner Cell Block H, Kath & Kim, Home & Away or the 1991 Rugby World Cup instead of hitting the practice boards. The Premier League is a glorified exhibition event. This is proper darts.
  14. John Reid is/was about as Catholic as Baruch Goldstein was a Mohammedan. It's more his positions as Defence Secretary, Norn Iron Secretary & Home Secretary, his acceptance of backhanders from the likes of Radovan Karadzic, his role as the public, snarling face of those ***** G4S, etc. that made him an odd choice for a sound town. (His inability to handle his alcohol and his fondness for a square go were less unacceptable.) As with everywhere else these days - rural Ireland included - abstainers from religious services are an overwhelming majority. I'm sure there are other "religious" minorities in Airdrie these days, one of which will attend religious services in impressive numbers. Where's Baruch Goldstein when you need him?
  15. True, Bill. I doubt the hipsters will be travelling. They generally don't stretch to paying €5 for a beer at the ground, buying cans at Tesco & sneaking them in if they need a drink to get through a game, so splashing out on a trip to Scotland won't appeal. I doubt the lairy hangers-on will travel either, so Section B can save their Sunday best for another day. I've not been to a Bohs game for two years, so I'm not up to speed on things. They pull 2,000+ every game now, so maybe a good few will be up for the trip. I'd still guess at 100 rather than 200, but 200's not impossible if a few keen fans can generate some enthusiasm.
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