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  1. He was certainly someone who had a lot to gain by playing up the notion that paedophile gangs go stealing children. Madeleine's disappearance was a chance for him to promote his services. He wasn't involved as an investigative officer, which is just as well. As he allowed the McScams to go for dinner at Clement Freud's house. Freud was a nonce. There is a strong suspicion that it was Jim who supplied Gerry with the FBI manual on abducted children. If that's true, what a great guy undermining fellow officers in the Portuguese force.
  2. Wish someone would tell the British MSM. He was actually a consultant to the McCanns, appears to have gotten himself out there right at the start, and made a name for himself on the back of it. I was astounded that he actually got involved in a Twitter spat, calling people armchair detectives. He did not see the irony in that the whole affair blew up because McCann of the Yard was allowed to dictate the entire police investigation. If they are ever charged, Jim might have some questions to answer about his involvement. Not sure if he's running scared or just an egotistical dick.
  3. Unquestionably. ***s are utterly obsessed by child abuse. Absolute no-righters. Never been any evidence of that. How can an analysis of what the media printed by libellous? It's more likely to be because Goncalo Amaral wrote the foreword, his book is banned in the UK, even though McScams got their arse whipped when they tried to sue him in Portugal. Had the audacity to express an opinion on the findings of the police investigation. LOL, Reis said on Twitter that they will never reinstate the book. He has arranged an online distributor, but obviously censorship by Amazon/Carter-f**k is going to drastically impact on its reach. Meanwhile, "Top Cop", Jim Gamble is calling anyone on #mccann that questions the events a troll. Worried about the impact on the twins, but not able to give any examples of the "vile online abuse", same old, same old. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/782147/madeleine-mccann-2019-disappearance-news-detective-slams-trolls-missing-parents-latest
  4. Been removed from Amazon, due to complaints from lawyers. What are they so scared of?
  5. LOL No, of course not. I am really keen for people to read the book, I guess, and I just wanted to show how readable it is.
  6. You don't need to be Colombo to see what a crock the whole thing is. "In one of the most flagrant cases, Martin Fricker and Rod Chaytor of the "Daily Mirror" signed a laudatory piece on May 5, highlighting the fact that the entire 5-story building was sealed by police with the usual blue and white ribbons, and that fingerprints had been collected from the blinds and window of Madeleine's bedroom. The article noted that even the rear yard area had been sealed off by police: “Officers sealed off the five story holiday block with crime scene tape and fingerprinted the shutters and window sill outside Maddy's room. A patio to the rear of the block, believed to be attached to the family's two-bedroom apartment, was also sealed off”. During the afternoon, still according to the same article, the searches had intensified, with helicopters, firemen and elements of the Maritime Police. "A special Judicial Police team was on its way from Lisbon," added the Daily Mirror article, which quoted Sky News weather news presenter Jo Wheeler in Praia da Luz as reporting in the newspaper that the searches "were very well organized". The same Martin Fricker, this time with the journalist Stewart Maclean, penned another article, on May 9, where there is a list of the "ten great blunders" committed by the Portuguese police in the first hours after the disappearance is made. In this list, there is totally contradictory information about the first article in the Daily Mirror on 5 May. In this second story, it is stated that the apartment had not been sealed: “Officers failed to cordon off the holiday apartment where Maddy was snatched as soon as they arrived. Amazingly, other tourists were allowed to stroll around the crime scene up to 24 hours later - potentially destroying clues and contaminating forensic evidence."" Paulo Reis: 'The McCann War'. A detailed analysis of the British Media campaign against Portuguese Police, p15.
  7. Point taken. Here's the important part. The British media are lieing about the case. For example, Jim Gamble has never been an investigating officer in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann., although he did provide support to the family from an early stage Paolo Reis has recently published a book on the subject of how the case has been covered in the British media. https://themccannswar.blogspot.com/ Reading it led me to question why there was such a campaign of disinformation from the McCann camp. Why are they so keen to smear others and block any discussion that goes against their version of events?
  8. Who said anything about solving the case? The whole point is to question what you are told in the press. Now I have joined, I may well take part in other discussions, but it was this topic that made me want to become a member. If that makes my contribution any less valid, I apologise. ^^^ Jim Gamble Jim Gamble is part of the problem, mate, although he seems to be doing a bit of backtracking these days.
  9. As it is not true, I doubt it. However, they have had the cheek to say they should have been warned anyway.
  10. First post on this one, yes. What is your point?
  11. The Netflix TV programmes, are just a rehash of the same misinformation coming out of the McCann camp since the 5th of May 2007. That date is significant because it was the day that the British media started to report negatively on what the Portuguese were doing. It was also the day that the Portuguese Police started to ask awkward questions about what had happened. Paolo Reis has recently published a book on the subject of how the case has been covered in Britain. https://themccannswar.blogspot.com/ The same central themes have come out of the McCann camp for 12 years, Reis exposes them for the lies that they are. The book is not an attempt to solve the case, as such, merely to question why the McCanns have been so proactive in closing down and smearing any dissent from their version of events. Reading the press recently I've noticed the following constants: there was no neglect; the Portuguese police were incompetent; Amaral is corrupt; the evidence of the dogs is unreliable; the DNA test is inconclusive; anyone who disagrees with the McCanns is doing it out of spite; the abduction theory is the only legitimate theory; the McCanns have been ruled out as suspects. Usually the stories come from "a friend of the family", and there is rarely any checking of that source's information. Thus we are subjected to ever more fanciful theories as to what has happened. All despite the only evidence that there was an abduction is the word of the parents, and they have been shown to have lied and changed their story as awkward questions started to be asked. What is shocking is that in just about every piece of false information printed by our press, there is evidence to show that it is an utter crock. Taking one example, the fallacy that the case is closed in Portugal and the parents are not suspects. This is in direct contradiction to the hypothesis put forward by the Policia Judicial, namely that the child died in an accident, and that the parents staged an abduction. This hypothesis was explored in a book by Goncalo Amaral, he was sued for defamation by the McCanns, and they lost. The supreme court in Lisbon made it clear that the case was still open and both parents had not been excused. However, Operation Grange, funded by the British Taxpayer, has spent the last 7 years, trying to solve the case, with one hand tied behind their back. Namely that the possibility that the parents were involved is to be ignored, and only two lines of enquiry are to be pursued: that Madeleine wandered off, and died but has never been fund; or, that she was taken by an abductor. Anybody wanting to get a handle on the case from an unbiased, objective, evidence based point of view would do well to have a look at "The McCann's War", by Paolo Reis. It is very readable, and is not without the odd bit of sly, Portuguese humour. I'd like to add, I have no connection to Paolo Reis, or the publisher, I am just one of the many people who follow the case, stunned by the apparent cover up that is taking place. Edit: just had a read through some of the replies to this thread, and I have just remembered another constant theme from Team McCann. Namely that the Algarve is some kind of Thailand of the West, where sexual perverts can indulge their desires without any check from law and order. There is a constant lie about lack of laws on paedophilia that is particularly sickening, and forms part of a sinister and selfish attempt by that pair to smear an entire nation, as well as destroy individuals who stand in their way.
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