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  1. you should have met up with SANTAN and the highland tit to watch the game instead of you all sitting in the house alone as usual
  2. Nice of them to remember the US war dead.
  3. Try small portions of beef/chicken baby food to see if it helps get his appetite back
  4. Well if Dundee lose you'll still have the 'New Firm' derby
  5. wash with vinegar and put a bowl of soda crystals on the shelf to absorb the smell
  6. ok then https://www.carehome.co.uk/news/article.cfm/id/1640532/pm-brings-in-army-as-england-lags-behind-scotland-and-ni-with-care-home-vaccination https://www.hsj.co.uk/coronavirus/military-on-standby-as-gps-told-to-vaccinate-all-care-home-residents-by-next-week/7029300.article
  7. I've no idea where your getting this.United were getting 8-9000 in the forties just the same as the sixties.If any thing United's support dropped during Dundee's decline.
  8. Much of Wales is now subject to local restrictions, which mean people living in these local health protection areas are not able to travel beyond their county boundaries without a reasonable excuse. These rules are designed to prevent the spread of infection within Wales and to other areas of the UK.
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