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  1. We got closer than you, you gimp.
  2. For 89 minutes and 59 seconds we outplayed one of the best teams in Scotland. I'll take that tbh.
  3. That Merkland Red has fair changed his tune quickly, the fat fucking virgin.
  4. Fuckin considine has scored more goals at dens in the last few years than we have
  5. We want every single 50/50 more than Aberdeen. Logan is a fucking shitehawk.
  6. Johnson needs to work on his hold up play.
  7. Hemmings is injured, McPake said so himself.
  8. Which 2 are we playing upfront, giving Hemmings and Nelsons injuries?
  9. What exactly do you want McPake to do?
  10. No Hemmings, that's a kick in the stones.
  11. This is the answer of a man who absolutely knows his shit.
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