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  1. Todd, Dorrans, Hemmings and Nelson on from the start next week plz and thanks.
  2. Because in the long run only your loser fans are going to remember this result. X
  3. The quality in this league is really fucking howling. Just fucking take the game to teams Hamilton McGhee Forster Meekings McPake Byrne Robbo Todd Dorrans Hemmings Nelson
  4. Well I mentioned it on here 3 weeks ago. Maybe King was just using our facilities to keep fit.
  5. Well I certainly knew he's been signing for a while, so not unlikely Dele's telling the truth.
  6. Cristiano Ronaldo is about a hundred times better than Pele. Messi > everyone.
  7. It’s a little known fact that Graham Dorrans has a bigger knob than Lawrence Shankland.
  8. You have to ask yourself, would a prime Berbatov even get in our starting 11 ahead of Nelson, Johnson and Hemmings? Never mind an old over the hill Berbatov.
  9. Joe Ledley won’t be signing. Let’s just make that clear now.
  10. Gary Harkins has not been out of football for 9 months.
  11. Any Morten fans wanting a pre-match scrap dm me please.
  12. Having 2 up front doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll be more attacking. Looks like 4231 with Gowser in behind
  13. Confident we can win by 2 today. Nelson deserves a start.
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