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  1. Ruaridh Paton to EK, got to think Shanks has had a big part to play in that
  2. Havinng spoke to a few people I think his son and a few of his mates is pretty big exaggeration, Robbie I think the chairman’s son name is, don’t quote me on that, was at the 20’s then the others were brought in at a later date, not sure they even knew of one another’s existence before that point
  3. So do you think they aren’t there on merit?
  4. Away you go, like anything, you think Edinburgh city as a club would let people come in who’d alter the momentum? Have a word
  5. What defines a better team??is it based on last years squad or next years?? on last years squad outwith spartans yes lesser clubs but next years all but 1 team from the list will be stronger than Gala! At this level players sign for people not clubs and the coaching staff had that network. only shameful part of all of this is Gala's shocking decision! Unfortunately some people won't appreciate what they had intill the end of the season. Manager goes to East Kilbride and looking like coaching staff could be ok their way to Edinburgh city ... Not bad moves for the guys
  6. Shameful way they treated the club?! have a word. The club has behaved disgracefully over the past month
  7. Plus the 2 from hibs, and the other keeper ... 13 players from a squad is inconceivable from 4 weeks ago, you’d have been looking at keeping the majority and adding a couple.
  8. that would be a disaster, arguably they already had the best local talent at the club and if they all go the ethos is already out the window
  9. One of the best local lads the club had is away, he is one I would have bet on to stay, looks like there might be an even bigger rebuild needed ... All the best to him, a lot of potential and 2 good feet! Sad to see him go
  10. Didn’t join till I thought there was something worth posting about, nice to see you’ve got enough time on your hands to go and check the date we all joined
  11. for an opinions page it seems frowned upon to have one that isn't positive, pretty sure the management team will have moved on from it now so don't think the people who continue to post want to see anything other than the best for the club. Confident that if we were singing the praises there wouldn't be anyone picking up on it
  12. no harm to the players coming in but that squad could really have pushed on, it's going to be a hard season to completely rebuild, wonder if the emphasis will be on playing style or results come Christmas
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