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  1. Another player away Dale Baxter to Spartans.
  2. Have heard some of the new players coming in are getting itchy feet already as not being told much at all with comings and goings.
  3. Huge loss genuinely thought he would have stayed as been there a while. Worrying times for Gala.
  4. Reputation of good club is being ruined by certain individuals only gonna get worse and people within the lowland league will have there opinions how they’ve conducted themselves in the last week shambles.
  5. Hopefully not or Gala will be in more trouble than they already are.
  6. Correct the whole situation is a shambles the way they’ve handled this matter players are beta away from the club tbh writing is on the wall. Chairman listened to John Collins perhaps shambolic they will suffer bigtime.
  7. https://www.bordertelegraph.com/sport/17659053.hastings-and-mangan-arrive-at-gala-fairydean-rovers/
  8. Exactly if am a player now am not wanting to sign for Gala they’ll find it very hard to attract players now due to all those good players leaving and word gets around quick in the football players talk.
  9. Personally I feel the chairman is calling the shots and tbh hats off to the new management team for wanting put up with that yes men springs to mind think the writing is on the wall for Gala next season hope am proved wrong tho. Replacing a good squad and was only gonna get beta with borders players good luck with that 1.
  10. Without a doubt the club will be on a downward spiral now. Good football people and people that have a good knowledge of the game are in huge shock with it crazy decision so out of character.Can’t wait to see the new style of football the Gala way!!
  11. Not at all brawlads just stating facts hope am proved wrong tho. Hear the chairman is also making signings aswell now don’t see many managers putting up with that tbh.
  12. You’ll need something stronger than tea to watch that dross at Netherdale next year Dug meat.
  13. The only bile here is you talking nonsense and proves your clueless and you’ve not made 1 valid point. Lost some cracking players for nothing that’s gonna hurt replacing them with local lads (haha).
  14. A good club and always a great away day hope to see back where they belong soon. Some cracking signings exciting!!
  15. I’d make it 9 players with the two hibs lads who made a huge impact. Also any player that has a contract at Gala now would wanna rip it up.
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