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  1. 55 minutes ago, jamamafegan said:


    See I’m different to you and pretty much ever other saints fan on this forum as it seems. I don’t accept the “reality” because I realise there are ways to try and fix this. As I’ve said over and over again - giving out ground to the mutants is a short term unsustainable solution to a ever growing problem. What happens if we go down and the OF aren’t there to give us the extra money? What replaces that? The club has already rubbed many supporters up the wrong way because of this, they won’t be back. Our fan base is dwindling and this is the clubs response - give the OF more seats. And saints fans on here have he absolute red neck to say “aye but it’s the people who don’t go to games? It’s their fault!” Sorry, but not all of us have the time or money to spend our hard earned cash on the principles of loyalty to our team. That’s why I save my money and go to some away games. I’ll go with mates, some of which support teams like Celtic and Hearts but they come for the day out, the enjoyment and to support the saints. There isn’t a hope in hell of getting them along to McDiarmid, because it. Is. Fucking. Shite. No decent pubs nearby, no excitement around the ground, cold and grey behind the turnstiles. Maybe if there was something actually worth going to the ground for more people like myself would go. Saints have lost their connection to the community in my opinion. They aren’t interested in putting any money into making watching St Johnstone a better experience, and they sure as hell won’t spend the money they just made off the back of this game to improve the situation.


    OK, appreciate some of your points and would ask what it would take for you and your pals to come to home games as well.  What could they do to make it a better experience? 

    I agree there is a lack of imagination sometimes when it comes to the wider match day experience, perhaps some sort of beer tent and live music etc (not great when its freezing outside and I would imagine licencing and police may be a stopper).  Would that make you go?  I don't think Saints have got the clout to build pubs nearby.      

    Ticket prices are fairly similar to most other Premiership grounds (cheaper than most).  

    Cold and grey behind the turnstyle?  Think we use the same concrete as most other grounds too? Would some plaster board and paint change your mind?  

    Just saying its shite so I'm not interested is the kind of rationale you get from Old Firm fans towards the rest of us or English fans talking about the Scottish game.


  2. 18 minutes ago, Mr Heliums said:

    But doesn't this strike you as unbelievable? He's the best player at the club and yet you seem to suggest that while we're extending the contracts of Clark, Booth, Tanser, Kerr, McCann, Craig and others we somehow overlooked Kennedy?

    Don't you think a more realistic view might be that the club was advised that the player wouldn't commit until the transfer window? Wouldn't that explain why we didn't offer him a deal?

    When it comes to Saints' transfer dealings, anything "according to the manager" is best ignored.

    Exactly, and I would also put very little stock in "the player said publicly he wanted to stay at the club" - when was the last time you heard a player saying openly "I dont want to be here" or "I am keen to move to where I can get the most money". 

    Again, the club can only really start offering contract extensions when the income for the next season is reasonably secure.  You only have to look at the situation ICT are in right now to see why clubs in the lower half of the Premiership can't risk handing our long contracts to their higher earning players when relegation is a constant threat.     

  3. If he does go this window you can almost guarantee it will be for 'Undisclosed Fee' and we will be left speculating what is was. 

    I can't see us letting him go because neither Hearts or Aberdeen are likely to offer more than a 5 figure sum - however there might be a decision to make if we were offered the chance to sell him cheaply but with a sell-on clause included.     

  4. 3 hours ago, Merkland Red said:

    You're in a shitey situation to be honest. You can't offer a longer contract in case they are a flop and you can't get rid of them. Due to contract length and the unlikelihood of them extending on the back of some stellar performances you're unlikely to e ver be in a position to sell the player either.

    Situation become even shitier when you consider than we cant really make a competitive offer to extend contracts until we are certain what division we'll be in next year.  Happy to be corrected if wrong but I think most of our expiring contracts only ever get renegotiated once either in the Top 6 or confirmed safe from relegation.    

  5. From a defensive point of view I'm not convinced there is a problem with the formation.  For most of the goals we've conceded (admittedly not seen live) the formation wouldn't have made any difference .  Motherwell - Ralston gives up marking the second ball.  Killie we get caught on the break and fail to clear when we had the chance, same with Rangers first and second. Aberdeen was just 30 seconds of professionals on both sides completely forgetting how to play football until it lands at Hedges feet and I'm not going to bother picking over Celtic.

    What we really need is a bit of discipline and concentration.  And maybe a bit of luck.  Lets be hard to beat for a couple of games and hope that the quality we have upfront clicks.  

  6. 26 minutes ago, PauloPerth said:

    Agree signing so late is far from ideal, but I think when your stated objective is to go after quality rather than quantity yet your budget is very limited, then it becomes a difficult one to solve.

    I don’t think the manager wants his players brought in so late either, but it sounds as though players’ agents are rarely happy to move straight away when they can gather offers and play them off against one another over the summer.

    Given the references to agents messing clubs around, I’m not sure it’s intended to be left so late.  It was discussed how frustrating this window has been. 

    Far from ideal when you’re out the league cup and a poor start to season, which was mentioned.

    Perceive this as happy clapping, munching on herring all you want, but at the end of the day looking at positives, I’d rather have our attacking options than every other club in Scotland outside the OF.  So swings and roundabouts.

    I think the kind of players we are looking at and the budget we have means we'll always be waiting until late in the window to get business done.  Like it or lump it Saints are unlikely to be the number one choice for any player or agent so to  get players in early they need to be pretty desperate for a club, either coming from down the leagues and looking for a step up or someone out of favour or form that just wants stability fast. 

    I would imagine that for an old school business man like Brown as well the idea of paying the agents to make things happen is pretty galling and we may be being left behind a little compare to other clubs by having some principles here.

  7. 20 minutes ago, Radford said:

    None of them are an out ball, which at least Kane is to give him his dues. His problem is his profligacy in front of goal.

    We need a centre forward, someone that can play with their back to goal or at the very least has the intelligence to take up useful positions in the attacking third.

    We have this great threat in attacking midfield but neither the player ahead of them to benefit from it nor the base in the middle of the park from which to give them a platform to play.

    Five months searching for a striker suggests that the players the manager would be happy with, the club can't afford, and the players the club can afford, the manager isn't happy with. Someone will have to compromise and unfortunately I know who it will be.

    That is true.  It's on games like Saturday where we really miss the Steve Maclean - someone who can shield the ball, win a foul and take the pressure off for a minute or two and I would argue we have never replaced Millar or Morris before him at the base of midfield. 

    Having said all that for a bit of perspective I look at the squads of St Mirren, Hamilton, Ross County and Livingston and I cant find anyone in their squads I would take who would be an automatic starter with us. Maybe Pittman or Jacobs from Livvy at a push? 

    I'm as disappointed with the summer as the next guy but I would rather wait and see who is left once the English windows shut than throw a 3-year deal to a top earner that has scored 15 times in 5 years.  

  8. Don't get the clamour for a striker to take up all the budget.  A front 3 of O'Halloran, Kennedy, Wright is comparable with almost any team outside the top 2 and the much maligned Kane/McMillan/Hendry are more than capable of 10-15 goals between them as cover.  Hendry scored the number of goals as May last season from a third of the appearances!

    Would much rather take the May money and buy a half decent passer of the ball in midfield (Someone who can put his foot on the ball and exploit the pace and movement of the front 3).  Unfortunely I dont think Craig, Swanson, Davidson or Maclean(yet) have got that in them.  


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