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  1. That’s an absolute farce if true. Maryhill struggled with fulfilling their own home games this season never mind two clubs on the one quagmire.
  2. I know it’s off thread but are Drumchapel sharing with Maryhill?
  3. Irrigating their fields with tears from laughing 😂😂
  4. No one worth their salt would touch the job while the committee are on here outing those they may or may have not spoken with privately. Hope this clarifies
  5. I never said anyone at Arthurlie? Read back through the thread. The bit about no one is laughing is tongue and cheek, everyone is. The whole of the footballing world knows exactly why you appoint a 21s manager. 1. No one worth their salt would touch it 2. Your skint and need a crop of fresh young players both of these points however won’t fit in with the Arthurlie plan of instant success. Building a young side won’t get you back to previous success in the imminent future. personally Duncan should have had the whole season, right now there’s not much anyone can do.
  6. From Craig McEwan and Stevie Aitken to a 21s Guy? No ones laughing at your Arthurlie 😂😂😂
  7. Stevie Aitken and Craig McEwan is dreamland
  8. Who you all tipping for promotion? 10 points separate about 10 teams now! Burgh, Muirkirk and Ashfield look good but games in hand don’t always make for a good run in. Yoker losing yesterday and playing Ashfield this week is huge for them. Thorniewood and Maybole are the in form teams but maybe a bit late now for the bole considering the games they’ve played. For me it will be My final top 6 Burgh Muirkirk Ashfield Thorniewood Yoker Forth
  9. Carluke, Bens and AWR for me. Approx 14/1
  10. Noticed this was no longer being done but a few folks enjoyed it.
  11. Some goal from wee Marc Howson for Newmains but Martyn Meek has had a nightmare with a few of them. Nicky Fraser must surely have a few big teams sniffing now, another great day for him.
  12. I appreciate you trying to play devils advocate for the purpose of debate but what was said, with or without context is nothing short of deplorable. Add this to his manner and social skills and people on the outside looking in must be wondering what the hell is going on. look at the this from a club point of view; dear local business, we are looking for £1000 to buy new kits with your company name on the front. We currently play in the sjfa West region.... dear club, we recently read the daily record in absolute amazement that racism still exists in such organisations in 2020 and want nothing to do with you.
  13. The origins I believe was about smuggling black slaves in amongst wood pile? In July 2017, the phrase was again used by British Conservative Party politician Anne Marie Morriswho said that Brexit without a deal with the European Union was the "real nigger in the woodpile". She later said "The comment was totally unintentional. I apologise unreservedly for any offence caused."[However, she was suspended the same day by the party's chief whip, on the orders of party leader, the prime minister, Theresa May ergo the tories are less racist that the SJFA as they done something about it right away!
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