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  1. I think a few w****ers on here are very precious HD [emoji23]
  2. Thought it was a decent standard. Can't compare it to men's fitba but what everyone can do is give these girls our full support. Very proud of them especially that second half.
  3. Well you want to hope so, but Honestly can't see that happening. Glasgow and central belt is there most likely place for upcoming players. St Mirren and Motherwell are creating good young talent at the minute
  4. We struggle to get the gates they have. Pollok would be another nearby team taking players from our scope if this occurred
  5. A lot of angst for the mention of Auchenshoogle Tablet on here. An indication that some of our senior friends are worried for their future with the West Juniors coming?. I can see the likes of Pollok, Linlithgow,Beith making an impact on the seniors at the detriment of certain others. As a Dumbarton fan I'm looking over my shoulder.
  6. I have given myself a good shake. If you read the comment I remarked the guy had replied so all good. Ffs I'm new to this. I'm getting marked down for asking a dam question. You're a Precious lot on here.
  7. Agree, I would give him space and get the media to back off until he's found his feet at least
  8. New era, I think you'll see a fresher more enthusiastic team.
  9. Not at all, thought it was childish to mark someone down but not comment, however you have now commented and fairly so all good
  10. I haven't got an end game, if you read my posts after a fellow poster remarked to me I actually said I will look at Cove with a different view next season. Keep your knickers on
  11. Is Bo'Ness a Junior team or EOSL? I can't see anything about the fire in the Eosl forum
  12. My experiences with Dutch are negative but obviously not all Dutch are like that.
  13. Got to disagree, never got that inclination from the many fans I spoke to. However reading through various threads there is a lot of Talbot orientated quotes. I said this yesterday but I think it goes with the territory of being the best in their level similar to Celtic.
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