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  1. That’s not a foul nevermind a booking. Games gone if boys are crying about that.
  2. Watched on Raith TV - Mendy has a touch like a trampoline, miles out his depth. - Hendry is a class act. - Ref had a shocker, let some bad challenges from Dundee go. - McKay isn’t a RB, get Miller in there. - Bowie isn’t Eusebio, sooner we get Vaughan and Dinger fit the better. - Allan reminds me massively of Weir. - Like our left back.
  3. All this chat of we don’t know where the goals will come from? We’ve not been short of chances and goals in the friendlies and having attacking options. We might not have a 30+ goal striker but would bet Victoria, Anderson and Bowie get 8+ each from forward positions. Throw in Allan, Vaughan, the raj ginger Dingwall + 1 loan potentially and we’ll be fine. I actually like the look of Anderson up top. Pace, strength and size.
  4. Loved this - got to say I think Falkirk are fragile this year, new squad thrown together......when balls are getting slung in the mixer will they fancy digging each other out? I think McGlynn’s work ethic and togetherness could see us win this. I’m on at 6/1 anyway. Buzzing.
  5. I don’t want to over-play it but Bowie is a stick-on for Balon D’or and 20 caps this season.
  6. Signed up today - as a non-local Rover it’s great to give those who can’t attend the opportunity to support financially. Be interesting to see how it does.
  7. Maaaaate - stop telling people you played, nobody cares.
  8. Why don’t you just fire it up your mates wife?
  9. Ronnie Coyle used to get battered by the supporters something awful. Remember (as above) Stevie Tosh taking a lot of stick. Davo has his faults but professionalism isn’t one of them.
  10. Find the chat about Davo embarrassing. Over 400 apps for the club and played at the highest level in Scotland. On his game he’s the best centre half at the club as he showed away at QOTS. Raith fans love hating a local boy, remember the same goats booing Stevie Tosh.
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