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  1. Ahead.....level same thing ken.
  2. In at half time level. Hope the away fans are having a barry pirty
  3. First one could be seen as stopping a break....2nd is just a challenge, the game is becoming non-contact like basketball.
  4. Heids gone - square goes car park champion of Fife is something to be celebrated.
  5. I’d have thought as a fellow pro who’s played at a good level Grumswall would better understand.
  6. Calling one of our own a p***k - you’re needing to give yourself a day off.
  7. Free hit for us on Saturday - all the pressure on Falkirk. Take a point.
  8. Good win for the mighty Raith. Talk of threats, section B and women and children being threatened feels a bit daft. If folk want to fight crack on, in my experience it’s difficult to get caught up in it if you’re not being a fanny.
  9. He’s not on an apprentice contract but please continue.
  10. Won it in 2nd gear, fair play Elgin giving a go in there cup final.
  11. Sleeping....it’s been a kick about 2nd half but still.
  12. McKay hasn’t kicked a ball, anonymous. Bene been poor with distribution. I’d put another body in midfield.
  13. For reference I’m using this tonight and claiming it as my own.
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