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  1. At a recent friendly game I was filming I was informed by the match referee that I shouldnt have been filming as I couldn't be counted as an essential official, and the rules and regulations didn't allow me to film the game. I found it strange the ref would approach me but had a feeling they have all been told to watch for unauthorised spectators. So I can see where Largs are coming from.
  2. Your last comment about ground improvements in Junior days is a generalisation that is just not true, many teams that were Juniors had made large investments in ground facilities, Glenafton, Talbot ,Cumnock, Lugar, and Muirkirk to name the East Ayrshire teams, and many other Ayrshire and Central based teams have improved facilities. I can see further improvements by all teams , but lets not forget the improvements to Grounds pre Wosl.
  3. This was the 2016/17 season Scottish Junior Cup Final , Conner Lynass and Alan Cairns celebrating a superb winning goal by Alan against Talbot , there was actually a bigger Glenafton support that day than the population of New Cumnock superb day and good memories. We put out 6 EOS Junior teams that year out of the 7 ties we played and this was the last season when all teams were in the Cup, so onwards and upwards for the future.
  4. This incident is distracting from what was a super game between two well matched teams and three superb goals. Good luck to Glenafton and Talbot on Saturday.
  5. I have passed a clip of the tackle to my good friend who is an official of Auchinleck Talbot if they wish to appeal.
  6. The tackle and the game are on the highlights for all to see and judge , the highlights are on the Glenafton TV group page like many FB pages you have to join . I normally don't post red card tackles on the clips for various reasons, but I as I knew it would be disputed I kept it on. I have also contacted an official of Auchinleck Talbot to offer them the clip if they wish to appeal.
  7. I don't know what bit you say is missing the game highlights are there on the group page, the goals the red card tackle its all there.
  8. There was no malice in the tackle that I could see, his timing was off and it merited a red, Chessy doesn't go down easy you know that, he takes it and gives it , but he got injured by the tackle, it was a great game lets just agree the two teams put on a good display for both supporters.
  9. No way, this was Glens doing a Talbot , working hard and shutting down, and scoring three tremendous goals .
  10. Superb display by Glenafton in what was a well deserved win.
  11. There's absolutely no snow here, parks a bit heavy with all the rain we have had but that's it . Game on, Mon You Glens.
  12. Jamie McKernon is an excellent signing , sorry to see him leave Glenafton .
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