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  1. I started my blog with the idea of writing a book about this season. Well my god there is plenty to write about! The only issue being that I'm highly unlikely to write a book given that it was a struggle at times sticking a couple of paragraphs on a blog post..... I've decided to renew my sponsorship options for next season too, the club really need the support. I'll kick off with 2 season tickets, one for me and one for my dad. My dad also has a season ticket for east fife. its £20 for over 80's for an east fife season ticket. I would take him when Berwick were playing away to the likes of Peterhead or Elgin. Berwick are offering an over 80's ticket for next season for £50. I also plan to renew the following : Kit sponsorship (Sean Brennan again if he stays on), black and gold bond number, weekly scheme x2 (myself and my dad), Programme advert and a Stadium advert Perimeter wall. it's going to be a hellish season next year, I'm not unrealistic in thinking it will be lowland league and the whole landscape will change. There's too much politics going on and it needs to stop. This I doubt will ever happen. Still best of luck to the players on Saturday and lets hope we can muster a goal.4+ would be ideal... even if we get stuffed again I would like to see the team go for it, our lack of shot on goal this season has been exceptional.
  2. Morning everybody. first post but this season might call for it. I'll start of with telling you my real name, no point in hiding. I'm David Letham, I live just outside St Andrews in Fife and travel to Berwick for nearly every home game. I've missed a couple of mid week gamed but so far I've covered over 5500 miles this season. I have had my dad with me for the majority of these games and it's been an awful season. my back went in July and my dad despite his age (81) and various ailments drove us both around for the first 8+ games of the season. It is a mess of a season and I can only hope that we manage league survival. I'll be there on Saturday with my dad and will be down for the home game too. I'm on the board of the Supporters Trust (of which there are still spaces available) and have recently been getting abuse on twitter because I live in St Andrews and not Berwick. I write a blog about the games I attend, although its been getting shorter every week. I have "no connection to the town". (Apart from my wife coming from the town of course and her family still living there.) Abuse has now been deleted but it's pretty sad as somebody trying to help that 2 people decide that I wasn't good enough. Turns out nether of them live in the town and have season tickets at other clubs! I have a season ticket as does my dad but I've never used mine this season as I've always been helping out. cameraman, 50/50 ticket sales. turnstiles etc. I also started a supporters club 3+ years ago and paid for a banner in the stadium, advert in the programme, player kit sponsor, dressed up as a bear and gave out sweets at the last home game a few years ago...… I feel I've done my "bit". (also sponsored the colts and Tweedmouth Rangers). some of what my supporters club have done can bee seen here. https://www.berwickranger.com/charitysupport.html This is not the time to be picking on each other, this is a time we desperately need to band together. I very much enjoy following Berwick Rangers but I'm dreading these playoffs. If we are in the Lowland League next season I doubt my commitment will be as high. It looks like the Lowland League have a fair few midweek fixtures. Midweek fixtures are difficult enough to attend normally, but the prospect of travelling down the Edinburgh bypass in November in the rain to see a game against Edusport or Edinburgh University doesn't appeal. Away games will be few and far between, again I simply can't face travelling to see some of the teams. We really need to remain in the league, it will be extremely difficult to get back up. I don't think the club will collapse and crumble but we could be a lowland league team for many many years. Anyway, a bit of a grumble but there it is.
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