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  1. Thought about this, but then thought no!! It doesn't matter. Having had a chat with my cousin though we are wondering who the guys were at the Portland Road end, at least one of whom celebrated both Queens goals like any fan would?
  2. This . As soon as Nicola made the announcement that Boxing day was cancelled, anyone with any sense should have known not to go
  3. This. I defend them. "We are well run, we still have a club, we are not Gretna " I think this year they take season ticket holders for granted, at current rates of 11 streams it costs us £19 to watch utter guff served up by a garbage team presided over by a rubbish manager. I emailed them, no answer. This was at the start of the season. It's like we've got your money, get stuffed. Now all this about Galloway and his 5 season tickets. I and my family have had a hell of a lot more than 5 over the years. My long dead father took me first to Palmy when I was 5, I'm 58. I don't think I've ever been this disheartened, even through the Harkness years. I used to hitch from CD to Dumfries to get the away bus at the coach and horses, now it's a struggle to watch our "free stream "
  4. Only meant from the aspect of halting our proposed attendance today. 😎
  5. Definitely. Maxwell won the ball and was then hit. An accident, but late.
  6. Didn't realise I could see it on pick tv till extra time so was watching BBC app updates, and they were quick to point out the difference between Dykes and McBurnie particularly as regards one wandering around and the other having given his all. Well done Lyndon.
  7. Well said sir. Thought when I read it at lunchtime that it was a pretty poor response from someone in his position. The fan loving, helpful face of Queen of the South right there.
  8. Thanks for confirmation that you use that camera system, this will be one away game I won't watch. Mind you, being frustrated with the camera might be better than being frustrated with our defence.
  9. You happy to face 27 games with 3 signed defenders? Take it from this you think it isn't his fault?
  10. I'd like to congratulate Muirhead on continuing to be a Muppet of the highest order. 😁😁
  11. Johnson should be sacked purely for signing only 3 defenders.
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