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  1. Thanks for blessing us with your wisdom master. Mr itk strikes again.
  2. Gladly. Just pointing out that people are allowed, on a forum like this, to disagree with Mr 'in the know '. 👍
  3. Oh oh skyline. Two people don't agree. They must surely be spouting ill informed nonsense?
  4. Wow, thanks for that neither informed nor ill informed analysis. Must just be personal opinion, the same as others are entitled to post.
  5. Thanks for that "in the know " insight, definitely no opinions there. Purely well informed, insider information. Well done big man.
  6. Maybe because every time I click on buy tickets, nothing happens.
  7. So the doctor communicated , bring the stretcher, but In your own sweet time? Surely they could have shown some degree of urgency, then stood back if not required.
  8. The initial reaction was good the doctor was there quickly. The issue I have is the first aiders who could not have known the situation was not serious yet wandered out as if their free game had been interrupted. Pathetic. I love Queens and I felt they let us down. Away fans were entitled to feel the same.
  9. What the hell do you expect. I certainly hope I never fall ill at Palmerston if that is the emergency response they give. My mother could have got there quicker, and she's been dead 13 years. They were a total embarrassment wandering on as if tomorrow would do.
  10. Heard this week that Keltie Hearts have a budget of a million pounds a year for the next 7years for buying players. They may not have to use it of course ,therefore it will last longer. They out waged Falkirk in pursuit of a player, they own their own bus as well as two mini busses, Ferguson is on a four figure a week wage and also drives a club owned vehicle. What chance have we got, never mind lowland league clubs?
  11. Thought Montrose did well, although Campbell should have been sent off. Nice to see Nicky Clark on his feet applauding the Dobster's goals.
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