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  1. At least we'll have someone who can deliver a corner now
  2. He didn't do particularly well in his first season either bombing us out of cup runs early doors hence the contribution towards the 200k dept. He talked a good game and wore nice jumpers but he was distinctly average at best and just got lucky having the best striker in the division. His downfall was over managing and negative tactics off the back of defeats mainly.
  3. This newspaper article is pretty much what everyone would be thinking. Would imagine his wages wouldn't change so it would be down to if he think he fits in with a new managers plans or his ambition to play in the SPL. Wishful thinking if he stays with us I would guess.
  4. I would think Fordyce and Stirling will be gone. Potentially Mercer. Connor, Doyle and Marshall offered new deals. Would imagine Brownlie as well although think we could do better. Martin have a feeling we'll keep him.
  5. Forward line today was in a different class than a Naysmith team. We only needed half a hour to dispatch Montrose. Classic AJ getting a young lad (Connor Murray) worrying the defence. We also played two up front which made a massive difference for Dobbie. That all said we still have the same defence which ships in cross balls for fun so it has the makings of a high scoring game at both ends.
  6. I thought Connor Murray had a brilliant game. His work rate was troubling the defense which took the pressure off Dobbie and Dykes the latter of which was also immense, Dobs of course needs no introductions. Good solid team performance and the confidence after the second went in was clear to see. Raith will be a lot tougher opposition would have thought
  7. I've never seen us play better as a team than we did under AJ. John Connolly's reign a close second but he just brought us into a 21st century way of thinking like training , staying away from pies and not betting against your own team. Yes we might have been full time under AJ vs part time teams but we couldn't even beat Montrose on Tuesday with on paper a far better quality of player than then so what does that say? How many Championship and SPL teams did we also beat? It felt like we were pretty much unbeatable at the time.
  8. No one was saying sack the board when we were 4th top a few months ago. It's a tight league and Naysmith brought in some dross in the January transfer window. We should have got rid of him during the 7 game defeat run. That was where the BOD went wrong.
  9. It was definitely a Naysmith team selection. Maybe it was a parting gift choosing tonight's squad?
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