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  1. Not even enough time to insert some Benny Hill music. Comedy gold 😂
  2. Well that's next season booked for another helping of mediocrity unless the BOD double the annual budget to 12 pounds. How much cash are they taking out of the Arena again ? Just asking for a friend..
  3. And how's he going to do that with absolutely no service? The guy is our god and he is capable of scoring out of nothing but he isn't going to get anywhere near 20 goals if he has nothing fed to him all season. If we don't get a creative midfielder in we're going down and I'm afraid not even Dobbie is going to be able to save us from the shit this season with our current personnel. Yeah and we can wave bye bye to any hope of a new contract as well.
  4. Yip. If the ability isn't there it's frustrating but I can sympathise. No player is going to turn down FT football even if they aren't good enough (Kidd). But what annoys me about Paton is that he doesn't seem to have a 2nd gear. He jogs around the park the same speed the whole game and doesn't look interested in the slightest. He probably can't believe his luck that he's managed to get a FT gig. It's the fact Kidd and Paton were offered contracts in the first place. Either AJ is a complete fuckwit or our wages must be at comedy levels. I'm leaning towards the latter. One things for sure, we can't continue like this. Last year was bad but this season is 2019 Guss McPherson team.
  5. The only club not to publish them. Just a fucking shambles this club in every way.
  6. The idea of the Arena is to subsidise the club. The way the quality on the pitch has dwindled you could be forgiven for thinking all the shops had closed down. We've probably never had as much generated income theoretically available in the club's history but it doesn't seem to be reflected on the pitch for some reason...
  7. We're not talking about spending millions. Just enough to make us look even half interesting because the simple fact is, play this shite every week and we'll be into the hundreds and that's with a ageing crowd slowly dying off. The board seem more interested in who's moved into the Queens arena than what's going on on the pitch! I heard on the rumour mill there were a couple of local business men who would be more than willing to take on the hot seat and / or pump a bit of cash into the club,...just not whenever Hewitson is anywhere near it.
  8. If the pitch is so shit and the players cant handle it there is one very simply answer. Get them down here training on it !!
  9. I doubt a player bats a single eye lid at our location given training is in the central belt. They only have to travel a hour down the road for a home game every other week on average. How much income we generate gets pumped into the squad ?
  10. We used to get more watching us at this level than Livingston and look where they are just now! We either have a budget that can enable us to at least be half decent or we might as well drop down a division and call it a day. One thing is for sure, a year in year struggle is a means to a end. We've signed a squad of no ambition. It's no wonder fans don't want to come out and watch that shit. Still early doors but if this is a sign of things to come, time for Mr Hewitson to stand down
  11. It's going in the end of season prize draw
  12. I'd be more worried if we weren't scoring goals. Defending , keeping it tight at the back can be fixed. Scoring goals is just ability something that a team either has or hasn't.
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