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  1. Average enough to be a lot better than the wide options we currently have. It's no coincidence we've collapsed since he departed and the keeper. AJ's downfall has been not signing a replacement winger, being lumbered with Stewart in goals and playing Devine instead of Semple.
  2. It's not a surprise this result but fear not we play Ayr next and we always beat them.
  3. It was good enough for a new manager, AJ of course, to turn it around and get us out if jail. We'll find out in the coming weeks if this side can prove the same with or without AJ. I just don't think this side has another gear. Both teams share(d) equally dodgy defences but this team has the disadvantage of a lack of creativity going forwards.
  4. I'm not justify his managerial position just don't think a new manager has enough there to work with where last season in contrast Naysmith was underachieving with the squad he had.
  5. We won't be any better off getting rid of AJ imo There's nothing to work with that can improve it other than boosting player moral. He's tried every combination going the last few games. Naysmith had a better squad but couldn't handle setting up to be attacking. There was room for tweeking, this lot what you see is what you get.
  6. If the board are having to bank roll us on top of renting out the pitch and the Arena plus a few quid from attendance with this level of quality there is something far wrong. I know they used to publish how much we were in debt to board members. Not sure if there is anything in this years accounts to clarify ?
  7. Collection buckets was after the farmer nearly bankrupted us. Those days are gone, the Arena subsidises the football now so unless Hewitson has some kind of tie up in the profits then him departing should have no effect on the club. Blame managers all you like. The year on year problems with the club are coming from board room level
  8. It's a bit like deciding the best execution. I just want the least painful way out.
  9. Much rather us get automatically relegated than face the embarrassment of relegation from losing in the play offs. We'd have no chance against Raith or Falkirk this time. As someone else said, relegation is nothing more than we deserve.
  10. They've hardly been given a chance except Devine and Stewart and we know by default Wilson is top quality.
  11. AJ's way of thinking will probably be; Morton scored 4 and conceded 4 so if we can stick 5 or even 6 in defence, they can't score, we won't score so guaranteed draw and everyone's happy.
  12. Perfect. Wonder if he'll accept a two year deal
  13. Midfield was shite because we stuck the extra body in defence. Wing backs never got forward once!
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