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  1. Apparently we asked for out ticket allocation 3 weeks ago and we are still waiting. I am starting to think they did not want us selling out our allocation and then having Dees in the Shed hence the delay. Tin pot club hopefully we will remember it for the return fixtures and their allocation should be for the amount of Dabs who had the bottle to turn up at Dens for the Doon Derby.
  2. Excellent effort from the fans after what we had to endure last season. It would appear that people are buying into McPake and the team he is building although I don't think we will see the best off them until the second round of fixtures once they are all fully bedded in. A CAM and a Keeper this week and I think we have a real shot of being champions.
  3. By my understanding Jim McLean and Jerry Kerr holds 3100 between them. Think that means some lads with season tickets will miss out. They are having a laugh if they think they can fill the rest.
  4. Now on Sky Sports news. Hemmings expected to sign a 3 year deal today..
  5. Not getting my hopes up until I see 📝. Think we would still need a playmaker and a keeper and then we are sorted.
  6. Just lifted this from Dark Blue Forum seems like an excellent idea to me: At present, the club loses out on money from fans who don't have a spare £350 in their bank account. They lose out on PATG money from fans who can't make it that particular week. They lose out on money from fans who begrudge physically taking £24 out the bank half way through the month. The traditional season ticket/PATG system is outdated. If we moved to a membership style system I am convinced it would result in more fans making a contribution to the club, more income to the club and higher attendances. Thinking about how it could work for DFC I would suggest 3 different categories of membership: Gold - £35 per month (£420 per year) Entry to all home games, including friendlies and cup games. Free kids tickets. Priority for away tickets. 10% discount in club shop. 10% discount on food/drink in ground. 10% discount on hospitality. Monthly draw to win hospitality Access to DeeTV highlights, interviews etc. Silver - £30 per month (£360 per year) Entry to all home league games. Bronze - £10 per month (£120 per year) 25% off PATG prices 10% discount club shop 10% discount on food/drink in ground 10% discount on hospitality. Monthly draw to win hospitality Access to DeeTV highlights, interviews etc. The prices/discounts would of course need to be calculated for viability better than I have just done but something along those lines I believe would be popular. Psychologically a direct debit that comes out the start of every month is much less noticeable than having to pay a high lump sum once a year or physically taking cash out the bank.
  7. https://www.heraldscotland.com/sport...ocCXZ4roXkQoXc one game in Thistle in meltdown could be a straight shoot out between us and the dabs.
  8. May signing for Saints next week apparently. Hopefully we can now move on and McPake has someone else lined up along with a keeper and a midfielder who can link play. Friday night was a wake up call.
  9. Hi Lads first post so go easy. Every forum site I read appears to have the Dabs favourites to win this league now taking the Derry tinted glasses off in all seriousness how many of their players would have get into our starting 11 on Sunday considering we still have Ness to come back into the team. Our defence and midfield seems much stronger than anything they have got so I have came up with Shankland as a possibility and that’s it.
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