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  1. Been going through the banter years thread and the rangers 19-20 season thread. Bennett and his fellow like minded fans were pissed off about Celtic fans posting on Rangers threads.... Yet here he is on a Celtic forum.... oh the whataboutery is unbelivable!!
  2. How can UEFA not allow our clubs to play in Europe and withdraw the competition licences for us because of the mess we are in? I think UEFA will understand that we cannot play football due to reasons outwith our control. TBH, IF UEFA state that we cannot play in europe then alot of the clubs in Europe will take UEFA to task as this has been caused by a Global Pandemic.
  3. Please allow this site to stay open, just for the comedy they provide!
  4. Seriously Pet Jeden Shut up and stop talking shite .... you'd be as well changing your club to Sevco you're that desperate to be one of them!
  5. its plain and simple. The "No Surrender" attitude and when things go wrong revert to "WATP, no-one likes us and we dont care"
  6. Look its a wee h** sticking up for his friends! its not just someone from the SPFL... Numerous people have been out on twitter to state that the document is a pile of BS!
  7. Was recommended to sign up by a friend and it does not disappoint!
  8. Would you like to edit this now seeing as its your club that has egg on their face. Banter years continue due to that joke of a "club" you support 🤣
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